Top 5 Web Design Trends to Watch out for in 2024

Development Trends

Some argue that web design trends come and go and that following them is pointless. It is a waste of valuable time, money, and resources. One day, a large, bold type gives a strong impression, while the next, a petite and exquisite font face astounds the audience.

On the other hand, a good website that performs its job well (presents the firm, promotes the product, and creates conversion) should be functional and visually appealing. It must fulfil both technical web standards and target audiences’ expectations, often centered on something new and interesting. This is where web design trends enter the picture. They allow you to meet the audience’s current expectations while making the website look worthy of their attention and time.

Looking updated has a significant influence on project marketing. It strengthens the company’s market position and provides a strong platform for making the most of campaigns. It increases trust and credibility, which are important factors in the customer’s decision-making process. It includes a lengthy list of advantages critical for businesses to compete in today’s competitive market, ranging from producing a wow factor to offering much-needed functionality.

Let’s thoroughly examine the top trends in website design to watch for and utilise in 2023 to remain on top and secure your market position.

Top 2023 Web Design Trends

Because web design is always improving, an opportunity exists to enhance your website beyond the competition. Here are some of the most notable design trends you may use to keep your website updated and appealing.

Interactive Websites

We’ll start with one of web design’s most important development trends: interaction. Of course, this is nothing new or surprising. Modern technology (including web browser support capabilities) has vastly improved. As a result, this trend is gradually maturing into something extravagant yet significant and becoming an essential component of website design, such as a slide-out menu or mobile-friendliness.

In 2023, there is a good footing for creating an engaging user experience. It is what your intended audience expects from you. Per marketers, interactive content is twice as likely as inert material to engage a visitor. It’s also what Google (the world’s most popular search engine) wants you to do. I’m sure you’ve heard of Material Design, a design language created by Google eight years ago. One of its tenets is to provide a meaningful and intuitive user experience. This is aided by interactive elements such as progress bars, tooltips, hover, and rollover effects. It is what you require to combat competition and provide your brand with a fighting chance of survival. The dynamic user experience creates a compelling statement and leaves a lasting effect on the target audience. It increases brand recognition and trust, resulting in a strong brand identity.

Finally, it is just what your marketing team needs. An interactive user experience has become a must-have in the battle for customers. It offers a one-of-a-kind capacity to customise messages, enhance dwell time, and amp up engagement – what marketing teams need to make the most of campaigns and initiatives.

More Social Media Proofs

Trust has gone to the top of the priority list for brands. The target audience needs trust and trustworthiness in the faceless digital domain, where everything is hidden behind the curtains. These factors influence purchasing decisions and transform regular customers into brand champions.

Building trust is difficult since it is becoming increasingly fragile. However, if you want to excel in your field, you must do it. According to the findings, consumers are more inclined to do a given activity if they trust the firm or witness others doing the same.

As a result, more businesses should include social proof markers on their websites. But don’t expect them to be dull. Companies will use their imagination to cut through the noise, convey the right message, and remind customers that their product is worthy of their confidence.

The evaluations, feedback, and statistics utilised to assess and certify the brand are becoming finer and more enjoyable. They will continue to be a viable participant in 2023, contributing to the entire user experience, supporting the overarching theme, and igniting curiosity, creating a trust to generate engagement and conversions.

Follow this trend by not treating social proof as an afterthought. Microinteractions, animations, dynamic effects, and appealing aesthetic components should be included in places containing reviews and comments. Make them integrate into the atmosphere of the website and leave an impact.

Maximalism in the Digital Age

We appear sick and bored with simple answers and the “less is more” mindset. In an overpowering and oversaturated digital landscape, being plain and direct has advantages. This limited approach, however, hurts creative thinking. And, with so much superior technology at your disposal, it’s nearly difficult to pass up opportunities to show off. This is why digital maximalism has resurfaced and made its way back into online design. Whether you’re ready or not, it’ll be a top web design trend this year.

Digital maximalism is about being loud, distinct, and daring by leveraging high-end techniques and stretching existing approaches to their limits. It encourages people to explore and let their creativity run wild in an open setting.

So, what can we expect, and how can we build on this trend? Use the following recommended practices:

  • Elevate components using a variety of styles, hues, and tones.
  • Include repeating patterns, forms, and components.
  • Experiment with different patterns, styles, and even methods.
  • Mix and match styles from various eras and epochs.
  • Encourage design clashes and accept turmoil.
  • Make use of scrapbooking.
  • Remove the emphasis from whitespace and open, breezy interfaces within hero sections or certain blocks.
  • Make use of bright, contrasting color palettes.
  • Utilize overlapping approaches.
  • Everyone is invited to make excessive use of lines or images.

When experimenting with digital maximalism, it is critical to follow fundamental guidelines such as ensuring optimal readability for the material and remaining accessible, responsive, and mobile-friendly.


We saw various amazing trends in this area last year, from simplistic typefaces on closeup photographs to historic fonts applied with huge faces to word breaks. Typography, like colouration, is an important UI element that displays trends throughout the year.

Although it is difficult to foresee what will excite web designers next month and what your target audience will require to offer your website a chance to enchant them, there are still certain mainstreams to keep an eye out for because they already give your website a current appearance. Let us have a look at some current web design trends. They will be an excellent start to the new year.

Integrated Typography – This trendy style in website design from 2022 is continuing into 2023. It has been employed in various areas to impress multiple market segments, becoming useful for any organization. It usually graces the hero area and, on rare occasions, the center or footer of the page.

Its distinguishing aspect is the creation of a complex digitized typography-centric masterwork. It should seamlessly flow into the composition, elevating the overall impact and reinforcing the message. Simultaneously, it should break up the monotony and traditional layouts, giving the website a sleek, ultra-modern feel.

Take the following ways to nail this trend:

  • Combine a large, bold, yet regular font face with scrapbook-styled canvas.
  • Choose a distinct, appealing typeface with the brand’s personality infused directly on top of a clean, abstract canvas.
  • Combine typography, motion, and 3D visualization.
  • Experiment with typefaces and dynamic effects.
  • Place it atop photographs, graphics, portraits, and colorful backdrops, or have it intersect with all these elements, displaying only a portion of the sentence.
  • Experiment with different geometric forms and patterns to produce a neo-brutal packed solution.
  • By incorporating it into the overall design, you may get an uncomplicated yet attractive and compelling appeal.

Typographic Layouts – Another 2022 trend that effectively transitioned to 2023 is the typography layout. It also begins the new year with a lot of popularity and strength to go forward and provide some great digital solutions to the globe.

This style’s main element is centered on big, stunning, and elaborate typography with few additional images. It frequently depends on strong language or messaging to elicit user interaction. As a result, it conveys the content while creating a visual effect on the audience.

The following are the important characteristics of this trend to incorporate into your website design:

  • Big, strong typography with simplistic animations or scroll-triggered effects.
  • Typography that is large, dynamic, and stylishly animated.
  • The complicated typography blended with mouse-triggered effects on the clean and monochromatic surface.
  • Words and phrases that are cleverly put in classic typefaces and enhanced with micro-interactions or hover and rollover effects.

Text Designs with Curves – Curved text patterns have existed for some time. They are still in high demand. Without question, they marched into 2023 with a suitcase of confidence.

Why shouldn’t they? They are modest yet powerful focal points that have found a home in the Sun. They complement dynamic effects and micro-interactions well, amplifying their impact. They not only attract and hold attention for a short period of time, but they also embellish the overall concept, making the design feel ultra-modern and even adding to the user experience.

These great and fascinating solutions have a variety of applications. Full-circle-shaped text designs, for example, are commonly seen on hero areas, whereas arc-shaped texts decorate cards and widgets in the website’s middle section.

How do you make them?

  • First, grasp the fundamentals of the so-called curvy effect. It is the foundation for everything from arches to circles to spirals.
  • Second, decide on the intended audience.
  • Third, add dynamic effects to the curved text. Spin, move, rotate along an axis, or blink it.
  • Finally, please select a suitable location for it. It can simply fit into any space you choose. It may even overlay pictures or text or be positioned in a corner.

It is critical to design for readability when implementing one of these trends. You might be daring and build a complex typographic centerpiece; nevertheless, if it does not convey the right message, it will do more harm than good to the organization. As a result, it is critical that your target audience understands what you are saying. The only exception is when the typography has no context and is utilized merely to produce an impression.


Inclusivity is a huge trend across all niches. The concept is to not discriminate against users based on age, gender, race, ethnicity, sexuality, language, culture, religion, nation, or background. It is about eliminating bias and preconceptions from your website and making sure visitors do not feel excluded.

What does this mean for web developers? How does this trend appear on the website? You’ll be astonished to learn that there are several methods to pursue this inclination. The most common is to use photos, graphics, and even icons. You may skip ideal pictures in favor of images that depict individuals of all ages, faiths, and cultures, or you can attempt ridiculous illustrations because they are bias-free and appeal to all consumers without exclusions. Another strategy to include this trend is to develop a dark and light version of your website and let your visitors select the best alternative.

Finally, diversity and accessibility go hand in hand. As a result, you might update this section of the website as well. Allow visitors to customize the user interface by changing the typeface, text size, background color, and contrast using an accessibility options panel. You may have seen how major brands have already embraced this approach.

End Note

In conclusion, staying up-to-date with web design trends is crucial for businesses that want to keep their online presence competitive. As we head toward 2023, the top 5 web design trends will dominate the online world. The possibilities are endless, from AI-driven design and interactive visuals to voice-enabled interfaces and 3D animations.

At Extended Web AppTech, we understand the importance of keeping your website updated with the latest design trends. Our expert-level team is ready to help you create a website that looks great and provides a seamless user experience. Stay ahead of the curve with us and ensure your website is prepared for the future. Contact us today to get started!

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