From Napkin Sketches To Fully Developed Spec Sheets

Extended Web AppTech Is Able To Meet Your Needs For Web & Mobile Design, Development, And Strategy.

From Napkin Sketches To Fully Developed Spec Sheets

Extended Web AppTech Is Able To Meet Your Needs For Web & Mobile Design, Development, And Strategy.

Services Offered

We ensure supreme assistance to our clients!!!

Extended Web App Tech focuses on quality delivery, innovation, and flexibility which are critical factors to the engaging target market of our clients. Our clients are our top priority; we deep dive into the business requirements they come up with. Analysis and estimation of the requirements are unceasing to reward with a profitable product. We are determined and committed to swotting ourselves into trendy technologies to meet our clients. The current market prefers reliable, robust, and efficiently built mobile applications. When you opt for our service, our developers, analysts, and the entire team will surpass the result. Our deemed clients opted services are below

Software Development and Analysis of Business Requirements

Understanding the client’s needs is crucial in any development services. We work closely with clients to learn about their requirements, expectations, and goals to deliver the perfect product that meets their business needs.
By comprehending the client’s needs, we design and develop user-friendly, innovative, and relevant products. Our team of experts goes the extra mile to ensure that every feature and functionality reflect the client’s vision, mission, and values.

We believe effective communication and collaboration with our clients are essential to delivering successful product development services. The wide range of services offered by our expert product development team includes



The world we live in today is predominately changing with the advancement of digital and technology, which is convinced with Authentic information, so we have come up with solutions that speak for ourselves. Our application development services make great deals in this rush-paced world, mainly to market and serve the business.

 Games, location tracking/GPS, social media, and business are hot areas we deal with.We believe in teamwork, designers, developers, and testers work closely with the client from the abstraction of ideas to the final launch of the mobile application.

Understanding The Client's Needs

Who Are We?

We have a well-established technological firm that goes the extra mile to meet clients’ necessities, mainly in strategy, consultation, digital technology and operation sectors. Our exposure is more than 40 industries, Core business functions and support functions activities have made us full-fledged with the challenges and hands-on experience we got to deal with.

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Whether your startup with a game changing idea or an established business looking to optimize your operations, our expert team is here to help you bring your vision to life.

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  • Experienced and talented developers
  • Proven track record of successful projects
  • Cutting-edge technology solutions
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