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Extended Web App Tech focuses on quality delivery, innovation, and flexibility which are critical factors to the engaging target market of our clients. Our clients are our top priority; we deep dive into the business requirements they come up with. Analysis and estimation of the requirements are unceasing to reward with a profitable product. We are determined and committed to swotting ourselves into trendy technologies to meet our clients. The current market prefers reliable, robust, and efficiently built mobile applications. When you opt for our service, our developers, analysts, and the entire team will surpass the result. Our deemed clients opted services are below:

Software Development

Software Development and Analysis of Business Requirements

Our determination daily drives us to incorporate demanded technologies in the market, and the digital approach is the easy way to conspire; our professionals have always focused on good hands-on experience in the software development, which plays a vital role in clients’ business expansion. We utilise the advances in technology and digital processes to the fullest, and as per our analysis, we figure out suitable technology for you.

A software product’s major concern is data security. We are bending our efforts to earn our clients’ trust to create secure software. Their long-lasting relationship with us encourages us to appraise them with expert advice, customer support and technology suitable to their business.


The world we live in today is predominately changing with the advancement of digital and technology, which is convinced with Authentic information, so we have come up with solutions that speak for ourselves. Our application development services make great deals in this rush-paced world, mainly to market and serve the business.

 Games, location tracking/GPS, social media, and business are hot areas we deal with.

We believe in teamwork, designers, developers, and testers work closely with the client from the abstraction of ideas to the final launch of the mobile application.

Who Are We?

We have a well-established technological firm that goes the extra mile to meet clients' necessities, mainly in strategy, consultation, digital technology and operation sectors. Our exposure is more than 40 industries, Core business functions and support functions activities have made us full-fledged with the challenges and hands-on experience we got to deal with.

Android Development

Nobody does it better than Extended Web AppTech in Android development. We have broadened our services across crucial platforms and have a portfolio of more than 700 successful applications, 100+ Android application solutions, and more than 1000 brands. These platforms allow us to interact with clients from various sectors, and we have added more than $2 billion in value for our clients. We are your go-to resource for Android application development.

iOS Development

You are at the right place if you're looking for a reputable service provider for IOS development. This is due to our expertise in working with more than 1000 businesses, our 700+ top-rated applications, and our 100+ mission-critical mobile solutions. Extended Web AppTech has worked with clients that came to us with demands from various platforms and sectors. In the long run, we are happy to have given our clients a total value of over $2 billion.

API Development

Our qualified experts have the necessary technological know-how advantageous in the API development industry. We are experts at designing, creating, and developing API functionality. We use NodeJS, PHP,.NET, MongoDB, and MySQL to get the finest results.


Nobody knows the age of digital marketing and website creation better than we do because we are experiencing it. All effective website content is driven by SEO since it affects how often Google will select your website for inclusion on the first page of results. Thanks to our expertise, professionalism, and talents, we can help you rank your website highly, utilizing the most fantastic SEO techniques.

React Native Development

React Native will dominate the creation of mobile applications in the future. We create native mobile applications utilizing JavaScript and React while developing mobile software. Our programmers are skilled in using JavaScript technology and can provide you with native apps for Android and iOS mobile devices. The consumer may easily browse the product and appreciate its high-caliber performance and visual appeal.

Web Development

You need experts in the field if you want a fully working website that accurately represents your company while being simple to use and navigate. Our HTML5 app development team is at the forefront of this. They keep creating precisely what you need websites by using the information, expertise, and tools they are accumulating.


Own a WordPress page yourself? Our experts can help you create CMS and eCommerce websites, so take advantage of it. Additionally, we can turn your blog or WordPress website into a combined native app and mobile site for Android and iPhone. With our WooCommerce and BuddyPress integrations, it will be simple for all company owners to do a follow-up.

Wearable Technology

Our wearables are successful at optimizing cost efficiency and doubling productivity benefits in the workplace. Our customer-facing wearables, which work across all businesses and sectors, elevate your business process. Additionally, we design solutions that access additional hardware, integrate with smart clothing, produce sensors with a broader range to increase the power of your mobility, and construct essential apps for wearables. You advance your company to the next level in this way.

Cross-Platform Creation

You need experts in the field if you want a fully working website that accurately represents your company while being simple to use and navigate. Our HTML5 app development team is at the forefront of this. They keep creating exactly what you need websites by using the information, expertise, and tools they are accumulating.

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