Web Maintenance

Troubleshooting all the issues.

Maintaining a website current, operating efficiently, and performing at its best is known as website maintenance. Ensuring all the links on your website are functional, updating the material frequently, and correcting any broken links are all part of website maintenance. It also entails more general housekeeping duties like routinely backing up your site and keeping an eye on its functionality. We, Extended Web AppTech, will make sure to improve the website’s search engine optimization. The search engine favors websites that are routinely updated. 

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Form of website upkeep

Keeping up your website up to date!

After a website is launched, it’s crucial to carry out regular web maintenance to avoid technical problems, enhance user experience, and ensure your site keeps a top ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs). Website upkeep might be intimidating, but it’s crucial to maintain your site properly. 

Security Updates

Security updates

To resolve flaws in their software, web development companies provide security patches. Patches are necessary to protect your website from hackers. 

Content updates

To keep it accurate and up-to-date, your website’s content should be updated. 

Plugin and then updates

Extensions to your website’s functionality can be made via plugins and themes. But to maintain compatibility with the most recent web browsers and security patches, they must be kept up to date, just like any other piece of software.

Backup and disaster management

Keeping a recent website backup is crucial in case something goes wrong. Planning for disaster recovery makes it possible to quickly restore service to your website in case of a serious issue.

Security scanning

Web maintenance must include security scanning to ensure the site is safe from threats. 

Performance and monitoring

You can spot possible issues and take action to prevent them by keeping an eye on your website’s performance.

SEO monitoring

Monitoring your website’s SEO is the most important thing to ensure that it is visible in search engines. 

Procedural layout of web maintenance at Extended Web AppTech!

There is a long list of duties that need to be completed to keep your website operating efficiently. Updates and fixes for website security are the ones that require the most time. Without these, visitors to your website could be at risk when they click on it. 

Our developers follow the following procedures to maintain the website up-to-date. 

why choose extended web appTech As a website maintenance company?

You might not have much time to upgrade your website, but Extended Web AppTech will. Our team will ensure that your website appears brand-new every time you visit it by sending you reminders at the right times to provide us with original content occasionally. We will ensure that your website attracts, educates, and help you expand. 

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