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E-commerce, often known as electronic commerce, is the exchange of goods and services and sending of money and data through an electronic network, most commonly the internet. The e-commerce sector business dealings can be either B2B (business-to-business), B2C (business-to-consumer), C2C (consumer-to-consumer), or C2B.

Increase your online earnings with new content, SEO, and data insights. As website operators, we are constantly faced with the challenge of monitoring the market and creating unique content with added value for the user on new product pages constantly being added. We can create, edit, or research thousands of data files in multiple languages for you in record time, thanks to our Extended Web AppTech network. Our experts can manage the e-commerce industry services very optimally. 

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E-Commerce Services
Product Specifications

Product Specifications

Our Extended Web AppTech community copywriters create unique, search-engine-optimized product information that contributes to making each of your commodity pages the perfect homepage for both users and engines.

Relevance of Search

Extended Web AppTech tests your website's internal search and evaluates search results to optimize your store's technique and usability.

Product Classification

Product Classification and Tagging

We provide precise allocation and labeling of each product in your shop assemblage into the relevant product categories using appropriate keywords. Customers can conveniently find what you're looking for in your online store and through search engines this way.

Product Data Administration

We extract product data from templates such as image files, PDFs, and print catalogs to ensure that the product information in your online store is always up to date and that your customers have the information they need to make a purchasing decision.


Tagging of images and videos

Allow Extended Web AppTech to tag your images and videos on the web so customers can easily find your content via the internal search function and increase visibility in search engines like Google and others.

Competitors and e-commerce- The vast expansive field.

Competition is fierce in the eCommerce industry; offers are brief and transparent to the user. You can gain a competitive advantage while remaining visible in search engines and to users. Extended Web AppTech can help you provide all the necessary product data and interesting descriptions to every potential customer on your website. Furthermore, your store’s products and contents are classified and marked according to your store taxonomy to optimize your site’s filter and search functions. This ensures happy customers and top rankings in search engines like Google.

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Making SEO texts of extra value

Extended Web AppTech increased pertinent and relevant SEO content will benefit you in various ways. By conveying specialist skills and knowledge, insightful texts about your product categories, blog articles, and glossaries can add value. To be rewarded with a high search engine ranking, draw attention to your online store and appropriate link products.

Texts by Category

Receive category texts/information texts about your products or services to create long-lasting content for your website, improving your search engine ranking and attracting customers.


Guides and how-to manuals

Order was interestingly written and useful advisory texts about your product and service offerings to provide real added value and expertise to your customers, giving them a reason to return to your website.

Texts with Glossaries

Request that Extended Web AppTech create unique glossary texts about the topics and terms you want to include on your website. As a result, provide content on your website that is appreciated by both search engines and customers, as well as convey your expertise.

Market Information Generation

For years, online commerce has been booming, increasing competition for you as a store owner. To be successful in the market, you must keep up with the competition and the rapid development of eCommerce. Extended Web AppTech assists you in keeping track of your competitors and their offers, analyzing the market, and gathering consumer data.

Online Competitor Analysis

We conduct online research on all freely available and desired data on your competitors, allowing you to monitor them and stay at least one step ahead.

Analysis of Attitudes

Extended Web AppTech can view and analyze text, video, or audio content to identify and extract the mood of your customers, allowing you to react to potentially negative market developments early on.


Our crowd provides a large, global pool of survey participants to complete your surveys and provide feedback on products, ideas, and websites.

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You can construct, run, and transfer the e-Commerce sector Business Module with Extended Web AppTech. We offer complete services for developing a website for growth in the e-Commerce industry in India. Join us to get the best in-hand e-commerce guidance.