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An open-source eCommerce platform is WooCommerce. The key benefit of using WooCommerce development services is that it offers global accessibility and is a fully configurable eCommerce platform for business owners.

WooCommerce development’s main benefit is that it’s incredibly lightweight and simple to host on shared and VPS hosting.WooCommerce can be used as a backend for different websites, even though its primary purpose is as an eCommerce platform. As an illustration, you could utilise WooCommerce to power a directory website or a membership site.

A WooCommerce developer at our firm is in charge of creating and maintaining websites and applications that use WooCommerce. Our Extended Web AppTech developers are flexible and provide you with all the services you need. 

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Essential Elements of WooCommerce

Updates highly customizable files.

Free Software Platform

Free Software Platform: It is an open-source eCommerce platform that allows for total customization and is accessible to business owners everywhere to build scalable-store.

Simple to Set Up: A novice can easily set up WooCommerce. It is both affordable and incredibly adaptable. Even novices can manage it with ease.

Offer Shipping & Payments: Support services, gateways, and payment and shipping methods based on your business’s needs.

On-the-go Order Management: WooCommerce makes managing orders for the admin simple with various order statuses.

Offer Anything: Almost anything can be sold in your business, including appointments, memberships, and subscriptions.

Store for Extensions: Numerous WooCommerce extensions can help you with your logistical, technological, and marketing demands as your business grows.

WooCommerce Developers Services Provided By Extended Web App Tech

The popular computer language PHP, used by millions of websites worldwide, is utilised to create WooCommerce. Because of its flexibility, PHP may be used to build sophisticated applications. To set up a WooCommerce development environment, use these resources. 


wp-cli: This is WordPress' command-line interface. You can update plugins, set up multisite installations, and much more without a web browser.

wp-env: With the help of this command-line tool, you can quickly set up a local WordPress development and testing environment. It needs no configuration and is easy to install.


eslint-plugin: This ESLint plugin for WooCommerce development includes customizations and unique rules.


e2e-environment: This end-to-end testing environment for WooCommerce extensions is reusable and expandable. It also includes several files that can be used as the foundation for a Travis CI and Docker setup.

WordPress Scripts: This group of reusable scripts is made specifically for developing WordPress.

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Price will play a big role in a new retailer’s platform decision. E-commerce software might cost nothing or thousands of dollars each year, but there is no direct correlation between price and functionality. So, we’re stressing that WooCommerce is free to use as our initial argument for doing so.

Because WooCommerce is free, any company or entrepreneur may benefit from its features without signing up for pricey maintenance contracts or exclusive software licensing. WooCommerce is competitive with top enterprise eCommerce platforms.

Consider your company’s future while selecting an e-commerce application. Even though it may be tiny now, it will eventually expand. Therefore you should pick an application that can handle a busy store without adding too much complexity.

WooCommerce supports stores of all sizes is one of its advantages. It can scale from a few products to many thousands and from a few customers per day to hundreds per second. The functionality of your online store can expand along with your WooCommerce website.

What do Our WooCommerce Developer At Extended Web AppTech Do?

They collaborate with team members and product owners to design features, update and enhance product information, and create and customize the WooCommerce store’s themes and layout. Come help shape the future of commerce with us. Do hire us! 

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