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Object-oriented programming language.

A framework called ASP.NET is used to create web apps in C#. Building websites and online applications that can run on Windows servers require the framework. Static typing, an effective garbage collector, and a just-in-time compiler are all features of this potent backend development environment. Our C# developers are usually responsible for developing modern applications on your desktop computers.

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The most durable and robust software language.

C# is a contemporary, all-purpose, object-oriented programming language built on the Common Language Infrastructure. 

Creating cutting-edge desktop programs is typically the responsibility of C# developers. Some can even work on the complex backend procedures that fuel contemporary online apps. If one knows C# and T-SQL, they are called as. NET developer. C# is a potent, open-source, cross-platform framework for Windows. C# developers are in high demand due to the variety of platforms they can use

The developers as well as are in high demand, so the skills they should possess are:

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Computer language C# is used for any development project. Programmers created C# as a straightforward, object-oriented language to support software components. It is among the most alluring choices for a programming language. Learning C# for web development might be an excellent investment for companies planning to launch a new website. There are many programming languages for web development projects, but c# is a useful strategy for all businesses and companies. To accommodate a variety of architectures and wireframes, the Common Language Infrastructure (CLI), which consists of executable code and a runtime environment, was created with C# in mind. It is primarily designed to support new software operations functionality and increase web apps’ efficiency.

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The goal of the language is to create a straightforward, cutting-edge, all-purpose, object-oriented programming language.


The language should support software engineering techniques and their implementations, including strong type checking, array bounds checking, and spotting attempts to utilize uninitialized variables.


The language is designed to be used to create distributed environment-ready software components.

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Portability is crucial for source code and programmers, especially those familiar with C and C++.


It is crucial to support internationalization. C# is suited for writing applications for both hosted and embedded systems.

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The priority of the C# developers at Extended web app tech is to make programming easy to learn and develop solutions faster. Our C# developers have mastered application platforms as basic and transformed them into many other languages, and C# is an imperative language.

Our expertise is creating and developing applications for a diversified platform with C# programming language. 

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