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Data Migration Service (AWS DMS) is a cloud Migration service offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) that is used to move data between different types of storage, including but not limited to on-premises and cloud-hosted data stores, and eventually into the AWS cloud. All sorts of data can be moved with AWS DMS, including those stored in relational databases, warehouses, and NoSQL databases.

It’s highly adaptable since it can manage either a one-time data transfer or a continuous data replication with continuous updates, keeping the source and goal in sync.

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cloud migration service

Cloud Migration Services

The Most Efficient and Low-Cost Data Transfer Service

Companies may safely and quickly transfer their data to AWS using the AWS Data Migration Service. We improve upon the already fast, simple, secure, and error-proof nature of AWS DMS to deliver a more comprehensive value proposition. While you concentrate on expanding your business, we’ll handle your AWS DMS needs with unrivaled efficiency and 100% guaranteed uptime. Extended Web AppTech has extensive background working with AWS DMS and will guarantee a smooth transition.

Types of Data Migration Available on AWS

There are three distinct migration types available using AWS DMS:

full load

Full Load

There will be no need to replicate changes to data after a Full Load migration has occurred. This is a viable approach if you only need to migrate once and don't need to record any future changes.

Full Load + CDC

Full Load + CDC

You also can use full load with a change data capture (CDC), which will initially transfer all of your data and then replicate any changes made at the source. While processing is underway, it will keep an eye on your database. The ability to avoid pausing work while dealing with massive databases is a major benefit here.

CDC only

CDC will only duplicate the changes made to the database, not the entire database itself. If you plan on using a different technique to move your database but still need to keep up with any changes made to the source, this is the way to go.

Benefits of Cloud Migration


When implemented properly, cloud computing can outperform more conventional network architectures in terms of security. The cloud provides superior protection for your company's sensitive data and information by centralizing its storage.


By moving to the cloud, your firm will have more flexibility to expand or contract as needed, according to your IT specifications and overall business strategy. A one-year IT solution may be outmoded in a few years, making it hard for organizations to react to changing client demands.


Improve IT processes and cut costs by switching to the cloud. When you move to the cloud, you only pay for the resources you use, and you no longer have to invest in and operate expensive on-premises data centers.


When you move your operations to the cloud, you can easily integrate your systems and boost your services' effectiveness. Data centers eventually wear out like any other machine due to increased workload and diminishing efficiency.


All your information is safely kept in the cloud, making it accessible even if your physical servers are destroyed. Additionally, by moving to the cloud, your staff will access critical data and company information from any location and device.

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