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The advanced cross-platform for app development.

PhoneGap is a very well-liked framework for rapidly creating cross-platform mobile apps with good performance. It uses JavaScript, CSS, HTML, and other technologies to create cross-platform hybrid apps that work flawlessly, doing away with the need to work with difficult languages like Objective-C and Java. Extended Web AppTech- being one of the top providers of PhoneGap app development services, we can create cross-platform mobile apps for iOS, Android, & Windows that meet the needs of the consumer, bringing modernization to life.

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Services provided by our PhoneGap solution developers


Integration of PhoneGap Apps

We create PhoneGap Apps for many smart devices, including patient monitoring, geotargeting, smartwatches, and more.


Assisting Growth

We offer affordable PhoneGap development services so you may create a mobile application for your company. We assist your business' growth in this way.

Build Value

We Build Value

People frequently encounter poor performance from PhoneGap apps since the market is flooded with untrained programmers. But we at Extended Web AppTech ensure the app is valuable and of good quality.


Standardize PhoneGap Implementation Porting

Our skilled Cordova PhoneGap Development team uses the application's codes to make your app more simple to port to many platforms.

Top Knowledge

Offer Top Tech Knowledge

Our Extended Web AppTech experts have a wealth of general knowledge regarding JavaScript and mobile development. Our team provides the greatest technological idea discovery services while ensuring that clients know exactly what to expect from a mobile app.


Data Protection

Our skilled PhoneGap app development team follows all relevant legal and technical procedures to ensure the security of the app's data and users' personal information.

PhoneGap app solution

Cost-friendly development.

A hybrid application that runs on most mobile platforms, including Android, iOS, Blackberry, and Windows Phone, can be created with the help of the open-source PhoneGap framework. The framework provides a container that spans the native APIs and the web view.

At Extended Web AppTech, we have a team of extremely skilled PhoneGap app developers who work closely together to elaborately design, create, test, and distribute hybrid mobile apps at affordable prices. Our PhoneGap App solution has high technological reliability thanks to the best PhoneGap practice approach.

Procedural method followed by our developers to develop PhoneGap solutions

Procedural Methods

Why Choose Us?

By providing a full range of PhoneGap app development services customized to their specific needs, we help startups, and SMEs make significant savings on mobile application development. In a variety of industries and sizes of businesses, we have completed hundreds of PhoneGap app development projects. Choose developers at Extended Web AppTech for better solutions for cross-platform development. 

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