Origins of Extended Web AppTech

The beginnings of anything are never easy, and so was Extended Web AppTech. It all started on December 1, 2013 – We set out on a mission to build a reliable and breakthrough firm in the technology industry. And now that we are here and 

we have grown to be much more because we are serious about what we do – it is as simple as that.

Vision of Extended Web AppTech

Our goal when we first launched in 2013 was to serve all sizes of organizations, from startups to small-scale industries to large-scale corporations. We started with the fundamentals to get our feet wet in the business. Month after month and year after year, we continued to expand the range and quality of services we offered.

About Our Client

Regarding mobile development, no one does it better than Extended Web AppTech. With a portfolio of over 700 successful apps, 100+ mobile application solutions and over …

We have more than 9 plus years of experience in providing services from mobile app development to web design to its development. Nobody does it better than Extended Web AppTech in mobile development. Having developed over 700 successful apps and more than 100 mobile application solutions, dealt with over 40 plus industries and provided them with A-1 services to the client’s requirements. When we set out on a client’s project, we do not consider it one of the client’s projects but rather take it more personally to give our utmost expertise. This is where we stood out.

From Where To Where

As demand for our services increased, so did the need for our staff. We were nothing at first, but now we are here with over a hundred employees. We even outgrew our office, using space and everything about the company. At Extended Web AppTech, there have been a lot of fascinating advances throughout the years. The Extended Web AppTech squad is now more proficient and efficient than before. With you, our valued clients, we hope to continue establishing connections and strengthening our technical capabilities that can help beyond your requirements.

The Extended Web AppTech growth story isn’t over yet. Where we are now is just another phase of the beginnings, and where we want to be after 10 years will leave a mark in the technology industry.

What we have become now and where we want to see ourselves after 10 years or so is what we always strive for.

Different Industries or Sectors We Cater To

Extended Web AppTech can cover all of your needs, from mobile app development to web design to its development. The industries we cater to are Ecommerce, health care, Retail, Travel, Taxi Booking, Food Delivery, Energy & Utilities, Highway Management, Financial Services, and Education.

Choose Extended Web AppTech for our firm’s services, and we do the rest.

Pillars of Extended Web AppTech

Extended Web AppTech was founded in December 2013 by Sachin Saivilas Basanwar and Smita Saivilas Basanwar. They are the founders of the company Extended Web AppTech.

Currently, the CEO of Extended Web AppTech is Dhiraj Aknurwar – CEO & VP of Sales at Extended Web AppTech.

Work Culture at Extended Web AppTech

Extended Web AppTech’s staff members are satisfied and at ease at work. The working atmosphere at Web AppTech is set up in a way that is suited for all employees. They will repay the favour by providing the business with their best effort – This is what we believe at Extended Web AppTech. Extended Web AppTech respects its employees with respect because it believes that they are what make the business.

Employees at all levels benefit from having their voices heard by feeling more at ease and liberated at work, which boosts productivity. Innovation is made possible by their capacity for self-expression and creativity. Therefore, employees are not afraid to push the boundaries and go beyond their skill set to produce results.

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