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With Azure Development Services, businesses can create and deploy applications more quickly. While upgrading them and transitioning to a cloud-native code base, secure your legacy programs in containers. Use little code Azure solutions to fulfill line-of-business needs and spur growth quickly. 

One of the most important components of developing and implementing Azure software is migration, and it requires a thoughtful expert to plan, carry out, and speed up a smooth process. Your business goals, such as adopting the enterprise cloud, cloud automation, and CloudOps, can be rapidly and confidently attained with the help of our trained Microsoft Azure developers. The AZURE developers at Extended Web AppTech are your best project companion to accomplish the same. 

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Azure Development

Utilize Azure to update legacy applications

Redesign your legacy

Using Power Apps and Azure, you can quickly and affordably develop cutting-edge line-of-business (LOB) apps. You can automate business processes with pre-built solutions for typical use cases, drag-and-drop ease, and out-of-the-box connectors. Start transitioning your company to cloud-native apps. Our Azure developers can completely restructure ASP.NET applications. 


Using the Azure platform, we develop powerful and agile solutions. Use Kubernetes containers and auto provisioning to scale more quickly, securely, and with less expense to the infrastructure. Your business benefits from faster, more precise services provided by cloud-native. Your business units receive more value from cloud-native architecture more quickly. As a result, Cloud Native combines Agile, CI/CD, Microservices, Automation, and Flexibility. This list will continue to grow as more cloud-based features are added.

Azure Developmental Services provided by Extended Web AppTech


Our skilled Azure developers are professionals at matching Azure cloud potential with your company’s goals for the design of strategic cloud-native applications and have experience with every aspect of Azure software development. We’re your partner in Azure cloud development, and Azure managed services, from a single digital product to an enterprise-grade, IoT-enabled SaaS platform.

Regulating the management and support

Security, scalability, and cost-effectiveness, three of cloud computing’s major advantages, are game-changers for businesses. You can rely on us to handle continuous Azure maintenance and management with Azure audits (for security, cost savings, etc.), SLA management, and thorough monitoring and reporting because we have an immaculate track record in Azure cloud development. This allows your staff to concentrate on other revenue-generating projects.

Security of data and Risk management

Microsoft Azure has numerous built-in services that safeguard your infrastructure, apps, and data. However, Azure developers must be certified to utilize their sophisticated features fully. With Azure consulting services, including audits, thorough integrations, risk and identity management, and technical architectural solutions, we can ensure your security measures are unbreakable.

Benefits for Businesses of Using Azure Development Services

Improved Business

Improved Business

Improved business outcomes and business change are made possible by better apps.


Azure Development Services is advantageous, according to businesses overall. This includes improved customer satisfaction, shorter time to market, and more revenue (4.3% on average, per Forester Research).

More Quickly & Effectively.

Better information access enables workers to make decisions more quickly and effectively.

Quicker Information Gathering

A significant portion of the development work finished with Power Apps enables quicker information gathering from front-line employees and transfer to decision-makers in a more useful format. As a result, decisions are made more effectively using more extensive and current data.

Why choose our Azure developers for your Azure Solutions?

Hiring skilled Azure developers that can translate your bright ideas into profit-generating solutions is necessary if you want to make the most of Microsoft’s Azure cloud. We provide full-stack Azure development for new and existing projects using our proficiency in designing and scalability for dynamic, flexible, compliant, and secure systems. Azure developers at the Extended Web AppTech are much more qualified and well-experienced in whichever projects they do. With a team of the most skilled and hard-working developers, we stand as a renowned Azure development organization, providing the best solutions.

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