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The Sitecore development company provides multichannel marketing automation software and customer experience management services. Sitecore being a multinational firm has developed two of its widely used, useful products named Content Management System and a fully adaptable Digital Marketing System. These are the two most widely used marketing tools, that serve all business purposes. 

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Sitecore Development Services and demand in market

Get the best results with your Sitecore development projects. All Sitecore development services are available with the most optimized results by the Extended Web App Tech developers.


1: Simple deploymentSitecore Developers may deploy and manage an infinite  amount of code across numerous sites using a single instance with the help of the Sitecore design available by the Sitecore Development company.

2: Extensibility– The Sitecore development services platform makes it incredibly easy and affordable to add new features, plugins, and extensions to current applications, which is essential for business development.

3: Automation of Marketing– Due to its scheduling software and reusable content characteristics, Sitecore’s EXM intends to assist in automatically sending emails.

4: The accelerated growth- The framework offers functions like integrated debugging tools and enhanced code completion and allows developers to access external software.

5: Instantaneous personalization– With the help of Sitecore CMS, marketers can quickly create personalized ads for each customer and modify the messages based on various circumstances.

6: Marketing via Multiple Channels– Marketers may reuse current online content across platforms with Sitecore’s EXM and Social Connector modules, which also offer insights into customer interaction.


how our developers will help you with the Sitecore Development Services

Sitecore development services provided by our Sitecore developers work under a generalized flow by making up a level-contain framework, making the work more feasible and versatile. These are the procedures and services followed while working on a Sitecore development project

1: Acquiring requirements– For greater clarity, better comprehension from all parties, and to get everyone on the same page, the documentation would come first.

2: Designs, Mockups, and Wireframes– We work with our clients to develop user-friendly web/app/platform flows that are engaging and fascinating to watch.

3: Prototype Demo– After finalizing and gaining design approval, we provide our customers with a demo or prototype so they can experience the app, website, look, and feel of the platform. The scope is then frozen.

4:Modifications and Validation– Customers can feel free to add and note the necessary adjustments per their current platform needs. Once the client has confirmed, we will go forward.

5: Development– Following customer approval, we begin the development process using the most appropriate technologies for you and provide your results within the time limit that our technical team has promised.

6: Deployment– We are prepared to assist our clients with UAT, training, final deployment of the source code, and launching on the client’s platform.

7: Support and upkeep– By the conditions of our agreement, we offer complimentary service and support. In addition, we provide packages that are either monthly or yearly, depending on your needs.

8: SEO– We are willing to assist our clients in marketing their company and products by offering complimentary SEO services and giving them a helping hand.

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