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The evolutionary framework

YII is an efficient, secure, fast PHP framework. YII provides the most functionality while generating the least amount of overhead. It allows us to write more code in less time with a simple yet powerful application programming interface and code generation. Our developers at Extended Web App Tech deliver YII application services that are highly efficient, easily maintainable, professionally designed, and robust in custom web application development with YII.

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Third Party Code

working with a third party code with YII Application

The Component-based PHP network.

YII framework has a high-performance, component-based PHP framework for developing large-scale web applications rapidly. Its robust framework provides excellent security and helps build a secure web app and prevent cyber attacks. YII was thoughtfully built to simplify incorporating third-party libraries and expand its functionality. When developers use third-party libraries in a project, they frequently encounter problems with class naming and file inclusion. However, with the YII framework, users can avoid this as it makes the work user-friendly. The use of this web application is done to the fullest by our expert developers at Extended Web App Tech. 

YII Development and it's features : flexible yet pragmatic


One of the top reasons to choose YII over any other network is its excellent security. Its robust framework helps you build a more secure web app and prevents your application from cyberattacks. 

Shorten Development Time

YII provides us with tools to make it easier to spend less time on those duties and more time modifying our application to meet customers’ needs. The most powerful tool is “Gii”, a web-based code scaffolding tool that allows you to create templates.

With Database migration

with the help of YII framework integration, data migration is being controlled by data migration source code features as it’s an upgraded version of YII installation. 

WSDL features

YII enhances us using WSDL features; the various third-party interactions are smooth, quick, rapid, and initiate information messages. 

Automatic Code Generation

Automatic Code generation

The updated version of PHP YII supports the corporate web-based development tool Gii. It’s a crucial component of YII that uses web development code to integrate web platform modules.

Blend your work with the auto code generation of YII

Code Generation YII

YII allows us to spend a shorter time completing the task so that there would be time to customize the app per our needs. The YII tool is used here. It’s used to create the code quickly. It helps create forums, controllers, modules, extensions, CRUD-controlled actions, and views. 

More points to prove that YII is better than any other network :

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