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A technique for Internet application delivery

Software as a service is a simple way to deliver applications over the Internet as a service. The building of cloud-based apps is known as SaaS development. It involves the production of documentation and design, development, testing, and server deployment. SaaS platforms make use of software that is accessible online from third parties. Popular SaaS companies include BigCommerce as an example. Salesforce and Google Workspace. 

Our SaaS development team at Extended Web AppTech follows modern software development practices to deliver SaaS products as quickly as possible. 

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A cloud provider hosts programs and makes them accessible to end users through the Internet using the software as a service paradigm. This design enables independent software manufacturers by allowing the application to be hosted by a different cloud service provider. One of the three fundamental categories of cloud computing is a software as a service (SaaS), platform as a service, and infrastructure as a service. SaaS works by using a cloud delivery method. The application and supporting data are hosted by a software provider or possibly an independent software vendor (ISV) using their servers, databases, networking, and computer resources. SaaS programs are frequently accessed through web browsers.

Field of work where SaaS application is used by our developers

SaaS is closely related to the on-demand computing and application service provider software delivery models. The service provider hosts the client’s software and delivers it to approved end users via the Internet. In the software-as-a-service (SaaS) business model, a single copy of the provider’s application, especially for SaaS distribution, is made available to consumers via a network. There are numerous benefits available through SaaS development. Let’s take a look into those

Saas Application Development
Flexible Payments

Flexible payments

Customers subscribe to a SaaS solution rather than flexible payments—Instead of purchasing software to install or additional infrastructure to support it, customers subscribe to a SaaS solution.


Usage that can be scaled up or down on demand is made possible by the high vertical scalability of cloud services like SaaS.


Auto update

Updates that happen automatically can be accessed by customers without buying new software from a Saas supplier.


Accessibility and permanence

Because SaaS businesses provide their products via the Internet, users can access SaaS programs from any internet-enabled device and location.



SaaS systems can frequently be modified and integrated with other enterprise software.

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Here at Extended Web AppTech, we also re-architect current products for the SaaS environment and develop new SaaS software. We create new project features and manage the complete SaaS application after delivering the SaaS product. Among our services for developing SaaS applications are: 

UI/UX Design, custom SaaS platform development, SaaS application consulting, Multi-tenant architecture, and secure and compliant SaaS services. 

Due to the rapid global use of digital technology, the Indian SaaS business has had a 5x revenue growth in the last six years. There are 8120 SaaS companies in India and 43951 SaaS companies in the World. 

Chennai is one of the major HubSpot for technical growth, making our developers the best among the others. The testimonials we draw is the proof of our services in SAAS development. Extended Web AppTech has been recognized as a trusted company that provides the best SAAS development services in Chennai and other parts of the country. 


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We at Extended Web AppTech build tailored SAAS products based on the customer needs from deployment to development methodologies. SAAS provides a choice to the traditional method of business development. And our developers will help you to do that. Don’t think for a second opinion; choose us! 

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