CodeIgniter- the concise potent of the PHP framework

CodeIgniter is an open-source PHP rapid development web framework that creates dynamic websites. CodeIgniter is an effective PHP framework with a relatively tiny footprint for developers requiring a straightforward and elegant toolkit to build fully functional web apps. The Extended Web App Tech developers have varied hands-on experience in developing and working on business proposals, including CodeIgniter. 

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A PHP MVC framework called CodeIgniter is used to create web apps quickly. CodeIgniter offers pre-built libraries for connecting to the database and carrying out various activities like sending emails, uploading files, managing sessions, etc. The easier code generation makes CodeIgniter an easy tool to work with. The experienced developers at Extended Web App Tech have a hands-on experience in this area of the tech stack and can provide you with the most robust and technically well-versed web pages.

Unique features of CodeIgniter

Limited footprint

Nearly 2MB of source code makes up the CodeIgniter framework. This makes understanding CodeIgniter’s operation simple. Additionally, it makes upgrading and deploying it easier.

Quick response time

Users frequently prefer programs that load quickly. If you’ve used some more recent frameworks, you know they load in less than a second right after installation. With CodeIgniter, loading times are typically under 50 ms. When using the CodeIgniter framework, you can spend less time optimizing than you would with a different framework. 

In loose coupling

The built-in features are made to operate without assistance from other parts. This makes maintenance and upgrading simply limited footprint. This makes maintenance and upgrading simple.

MVC Architecture

Model-View-Controller is an architectural structure used by the PHP CodeIgniter framework. When using online apps, it is industry best practice. MVC separates data, business logic, and display.

Exceptional documentation

There are excellent books, tutorials, and answers to forum questions on CodeIgniter, and the framework is thoroughly documented. This means that chances are good that someone has already overcome your obstacle, and the solution is available.

Application of CodeIgniter for marketing purposes

Application-specific built-in components

As we move forward with the tutorials, you’ll see that CodeIgniter has components for managing sessions, sending emails, and managing databases and databases of emails.


CodeIgniter is pre-loaded with a few libraries and helpers. If the functionality you desire isn’t there, or if you wish to use an existing feature differently. Then making your libraries, helpers, packages, etc., will make it simple for you to do so. In CodeIgniter, REST API creation is also possible.

Specific Built Components

Easier learn and implement

Anyone familiar with PHP can quickly master CodeIgniter. The learner may pick up CodeIgniter quickly and begin using it to create applications for businesses.

Leverage the efficacy of our CodeIgniter developers

The CodeIgniter developers at Extended Web AppTech provide an extensive MVC-based webpage developed with specific inclusions of libraries and available frameworks. Our developers have experience developing dynamic and interactive web pages for business clients and other corporational users. Harness the potentiality of our developers and hire them right away!

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