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The growing trend of firms offering remote working choices, using personal computers and mobile devices for business purposes, and utilising cloud technologies for data access is known as enterprise mobility (also known as corporate mobility). Compared to the conventional central office business model, enterprise mobility acknowledges the need for more adaptability. It is a solution for businesses to allow employees to use mobile devices safely as an enterprise mobility service.

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Extended Web AppTech offers a “one-stop shop” experience for all device administration and lifecycle needs. We offer planning, implementation, management, and support for all significant devices and enabling technologies.

Enterprise Mobility Solutions
  1. Enterprise mobility’s flexibility and effectiveness can lead to advantages like higher productivity and lower costs. However, organisations must have a defined acceptable usage policy and a management strategy to guarantee high security and governance standards if they succeed. 
  2. The people and strategies driving enterprise mobility are called enterprise mobility management (EMM). 
  3. It entails securing remote and mobile equipment and giving staff members the tools and assistance required to allow mobility.
  4. EMM assists IT administrators, in controlling access by application, file, employee role, location, and other variables, in addition to regulating access at the device level. 
  5. Businesses can widen access to digital assets while retaining ownership of them. 

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  1. Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) protects data on employee mobile devices, whether company-issued or personally owned by the employee. To maintain an organisation’s intellectual property and customers’ personally identifiable information (PII) while integrating with other enterprise IT systems and applications to provide a wide range of business functionality, EMM solutions typically include a comprehensive suite of services. 
  2. EMM approaches differ significantly from organisation to organisation. Some attempt to completely secure or lock down employee devices, restricting the number of applications that can be installed and wiping data and applications if a device is lost or stolen. Others are centred on securing particular applications. 
  3. It offers mobile lifecycle management, BYOD management, mobile policy management, mobile security management, and mobile content management functions.
  4. Mobile apps will support cross-platform. Additionally, it has cloud-based deployments, mobile remote monitoring & provisioning, and optimal user productivity.

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We have strong partnerships with the top vendors of device monitoring tools, and our services can deliver strategy, implementation, administration, and support across all major devices and enabling technologies. By providing a safe, optimised “signature” experience for your workforce across any device, wherever your employees are working, we revitalise your enterprise mobility strategy.

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