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Xero integration with your CRM means you can create and update customers in Xero from the CRM. When Xero and your CRM are integrated, you can create and update customers in Xero from the CRM and create bills in Xero from Opportunities. All customers across the world can use the Xero integration. 

When you want to sync data from another business system into Xero, the “Target” application, you employ actions. Developers at Extended Web App tech will help in the integration of data and with other project works.

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Usefulness of Xero integration

Our connection with Xero consists of four essential components:

Usefulness Of Xero Integration

Link contacts in Xero to organisations in Current: Whenever you create a new linked contact in Current, a new organisation is also created in Current. Additionally, the contact in Xero is maintained when you update an organisation in Current!


Xero contacts can be imported into Current or Current RMS organisations and may be exported to Xero using our import and export tools.

Directly post invoices and credits to Xero: Once integrated, a new option to publish an invoice straight to Xero is available on the invoice screen.

Utilise the take payment action in Current RMS to record payments received in relation to submitted invoices in Xero.

Integration Of Xero

Weaving a safer business system.

Create invoices and credits, including part invoices, and log payments against them using the accounting capabilities that come with Current. This might be sufficient for certain firms. Consider using an accounting solution like Xero if you need complex features like bank reconciliation, customer account statements, spending tracking, or payroll. With the Xero integration, you can easily and seamlessly communicate data between your current SAP Concur systems and the Xero accounting software.

Services Provided By Our Xero Developers

It is an online accounting software for small businesses that is simple to use called Xero. There are some key points such as :

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Utilise our Xero integration to directly publish invoices from the Current RMS to Xero and maintain system updates for your companies. Automated data flows can be created for your company by connecting Xero to other programs and databases. Numerous apps already have connectors with Xero. A Xero API integration is missing from some apps. We at Extended web app tech have experience working with various providers across mapping, financial, CRM, ERP, and payment gateway integration, with specific examples. 

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