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Finding the source of slowdowns and problems that are using the most resources, such as CPU or RAM, and compromising the performance of Android applications on the user’s mobile device is what Mobile app development is. Learn how your application performs on real-user devices in production environments at the code level. Mobile app development Java can be the best choice if you want to make an Android app. A recent survey found that 69.7% of developers use JavaScript, making it the most common language. The second most used language is HTML/CSS, with 62.4%.

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Monitor and upgrade your android performance with our expert assistance

Monitoring and evaluating your application’s performance offers useful information about the general user experience. Continuous performance monitoring enables you to spot problems and optimize for them before they can affect additional people.

Monitor And Update

Vitals for Android

You can enhance the stability and functionality of Google Play apps on Android devices with the aid of Android vitals. We advise prioritizing and monitoring your app's vitals for the best end-user experience.

JankStats database

Utilize the JankStats library to monitor and examine the application's slow rendering frames and provide reports on the jank statistics affecting your users.

Integrating continuously

Before pushing the update to your users, use benchmarks as part of your CI pipeline to track performance evolution and identify performance regressions (or improvements).

Android Application Monitoring

Malfunction Detection

Malfunction detection

You may avoid guessing or searching through an Android error log by looking at crash reports for Android apps that provide information like the filename and line number. Android exceptions can be intuitively filtered and grouped to reduce noise. Count errors at a large scale without affecting manufacturing throughput.

Performance of Android applications

You can monitor your mobile apps’ usability, speed, and stability in real-time using our developers’ mobile application monitoring system. 

Boost Experience

Boost Android mobile user experience

You may get integrated monitoring for your mobile apps and your backend services from services provided by our developers. You can quickly identify the source of an issue, allowing you to proactively steer clear of unfavourable app evaluations with the dynamically built applications.

Vulnerability of Mobile app development

Turn design templates into functioning apps.

Our Android Mobile app developers at Extended Web AppTech create tests for code to ensure robustness and performance. Get the best robust final product made by our skilled android developers. 

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The top Android mobile app developers at Extended Web AppTech are at your service, and they would build the best app, an informative one that would serve your purpose. At Extended Web AppTech, we provide the best service. So hire our android moblie app developers soon. Fixing known bugs in existing Android applications and adding new features to the apps is what our Android developers do. 

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