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Web portal creation is an all-inclusive solution that helps you design and builds a safe and convenient online environment for your clients, partners, and staff. Web portals can offer self-service features for target users and provide access to services, goods, information, and communication tools. 

Developers at the Extended Web AppTech are simply an expert in this field. We can render you a unique design with a robust website workflow. 

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A web portal is a safe online-based platform that offers access to various features and materials through a simple interface. ScienceSoft, a web portal development business with experience in full-stack web technologies, can assist you in building any form of web portal to meet your unique requirements for engaging with the audience, whether they be your clients, partners, or workers.

Portal Development And It's Usage

Manual websites

Manual websites

We compile data on the goods or services your business offers. We give registered users access to request data, activate, deactivate, schedule services, speak with company personnel, and solve problems.

Client Portals

Client portals

We develop a digital environment where your customers may access your goods, make online purchases, sign up for services, request maintenance, and interact with you and other users.

Employee intranets

We set up a secure portal so that your staff members may request and manage services connected to HR, IT, and facilities, access structured company data, collaborate, and keep informed about business events.

Patient registries

We let your patients schedule their appointments and receive telehealth visits while giving them secure access to their personal health information (PHI).

B2B Portals

B2B portals

We provides digital support for all business-to-business procedures, including trade, purchasing, manufacturing, and distribution.

E-commerce websites

We can integrate an e-commerce portal into an omnichannel retail environment and design intuitive purchasing experiences for both company and individual customers.

Vendor registries

We enhance both manufacturers' and non-manufacturers procurement procedures (banks, education establishments, and government institutions).

Sales websites

Your sales representatives and business partners get access to sales materials in a place we put up for them (case studies, white papers, product specifications, etc.).

Features Developed In Portal Development By Developers At Our Firm

Portal Development

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The developers at Extended Web AppTech offer a wide range of solutions, whether you need to set up a full-stack team to outsource web portal development and build a product from the ground up or are searching for senior developers to join an ongoing project. Your needs and delivery objectives will be considered as we develop a customized framework for collaboration. 

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