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Cake PHP is an open-source web framework modelled after the ideas of Ruby on Rails; it uses the model-view-controller method and is implemented in PHP. 

The Extended Web App Tech developers provide reliable PHP development services for numerous industry verticals with extensive industry experience and in-depth technical expertise.

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Cake Php Development

Web Development Using CakePHP

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CakePHP streamlines and accelerates the development of web applications while needing less code. An advanced PHP 7 framework with a robust scaffolding system and a flexible database access layer that makes constructing basic and complex systems easier, faster, and, of course, tastier. Build quickly and stably with CakePHP. We at Extended Web App tech have specifically designed solutions for your needs, whether you run a small business experimenting with PHP or a larger company with enterprise-level requirements. We guarantee that the solution we provide for your CakePHP development project will be goal-oriented.

How Do We Operate As A CakePHP Development Firm?

PHP Cake developers at Extended Web App tech provide the most flexible and feasible customizable web templates. Our developers provide the following solutions-

Cake PHP Framework Development

Cake PHP Framework Development

On the foundation of clear coding, beautiful design, and exceptional features, we create dynamic websites that are responsive and meaningful. We leverage recent trends, industry best practices, customizable fields and templates, and user management tools.

Custom Development

Our developers produce reliable CakePHP apps through their in-depth knowledge of MVC design, superior programming abilities, and years of expertise. We develop unique CakePHP online applications, such as CMS, e-commerce websites, portals, company websites, etc.

Customization And Integration

Customization and Integration

We build an interactive mobile backend using the CakePHP framework. Depending on your preferences and demands, we can change the website’s functionality and, look & feel.

Built-in Validation

With built-in validation tools, our CakePHP professionals simplify the entire development process. As a result, we significantly save your development time and boost your company’s productivity.


Business- custom provisions provided by Extended Web App Tech

To provide our clients with the highest quality solutions, our developers put a lot of passion and the proper PHP web development methodology into their work.



Our specialists efficiently use the CakePHP framework's features to conduct debugging and construct any web application to perfection.

Customer-centred design

Based on their business needs, we define customer-centric models and use best practices to service them in a particular way.


Safeguard assets

Maximum protection for the complete data set and the source code to increase business efficiency and establish solid customer relationships.

Modular Templating

To guarantee a high-quality result, we are experts in CakePHP web development processes, including flexible templating.

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CakePHP Developers at Extended Web App Tech is prepared to accept challenges and effectively complete them using their extensive expertise. Our result-driven CakePHP web development methodology has served many companies in many industries. To ensure the best solutions for your company to achieve new heights of success in today’s cutthroat business environment, our talented CakePHP developers continually upgrade their abilities and concentrate on the current market technologies & trends.

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