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The replication of human intelligence functions by machines, particularly computer systems, is known as artificial intelligence. The chatterbots or chatbots are a similar kind of machine simulation that, on command, provides the required information. Make your unique appearance of bots on your web pages made by our expert developers at Extended Web AppTech. We ensure you get the best and newest product according to your requirements. 

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is the simulation of AI functions by machines, particularly computer systems. Expert systems, NLP, speech recognition, and machine vision are some specific uses of AI. The inclusion of AI in bot development has given rise to many features that have now become integral to many mobile applications. Web applications and many more sources of usage. 

At the Extended Web AppTech, our developers are engaged in developing the most flexible and robust version of bots using algorithms and logic through AI and giving an accuracy level that enables the bot to perform its task instantaneously upon the command provided. Get a bot included on your web page or mobile application to make the flow of commands easier and more feasible. 

AI and bot development services rendered by experts

Ai & Bot Development

Accuracy and knowledge with AI and bot development

Being one of the most technical trending domains might make you question the achievement of accuracy level in this. Experts who already have been working on these topics impart learnings to our developers. Our services in AI and bot development will serve you with the utmost requirements and serve your purpose. Our developers are well-knowledgeable in this field of work. 

Automotive and Supervised evaluation

Our AI and bot development services are one of our areas of expertise. Developers have deep learning in pairing AI technologies with automated tools. The models are developed with the application of the most demanded technologies like ML, Deep learning, etc. Which again are reviewed by experts to get the final report. 

Automotive And Supervised Evaluation
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AI services in healthcare, business, education, etc

Companies are demanding tools with automation to reduce the risk of life, increase their business expansion, bring evolution in education sectors, etc. Chatbots are incorporated into websites to provide immediate services to customers. AI in healthcare has helped avoid unusual deaths, etc. Our developers are much experienced and have ample hands-on experience in these areas. 

How can AI and bot development change the outlook of the world?

The inclusion of AI in our daily lives and the bot development used in business deals and other sites have enhanced and helped accelerate the pace of development. They have changed the outlook of our functionality. The edge-cutting features of the bots that are implemented are

Designing Conversations

Our interfaces will drive discussions by merging standard UI components like buttons, menus, and graphics with Natural Language Interfaces. To best simulate the human touch in communication, we work to make the experience as simple and intuitive as possible. In essence, UI/UX 2.0.


Our chatbots are simple to set up and integrate with virtually any backend, even legacy systems. Integration is hassle-free thanks to our RESTful APIs. ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) integration with CRMs and other pertinent data sources is another service we offer.


The chatbot is prepared for deployment once preprocessing is finished, and you have a list of clear sentences with a determined purpose. Microservices/REST-based architecture can be used with either cloud or on-premise deployment with little to no downtime. Container management with ECS/Kubernetes and containerization with Docker.


We have created our bots for internal, and client use and have the ideal selection of APIs, frameworks, and plugins for many use cases. Our experts have produced high-ROI chatbots for businesses using various technologies for queuing, data processing, NLP, and third-party connectivity.

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There is no such existence of technology where AI isn’t included. To make a successful business AI has been marked as a boon to the market. The AI developers at Extended Web AppTech have worked with many organizations, helping them build bots and increasing their business revenue. 

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