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OpenCart is an online store management system. It is built with PHP, a MySQL database, and HTML elements. Different currencies and languages are supported. An online store management system is called OpenCart. It is built with PHP, a MySQL database, and HTML elements. Different currencies and languages are supported. One of the most popular tools for creating e-commerce platforms, Opencart has a variety of outstanding applications. With Opencart, e-commerce applications can be created for both the web and mobile with a unique appearance.

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Opencart Development

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The expert team of experienced OpenCart developers at Extended web app tech solutions fulfill the requirement of the customers by providing and developing the desired e-commerce website.

Opencart Development

Using OpenCart is not particularly difficult, even though it is an open-source eCommerce platform. If you have the necessary technical know-how, managing this PHP-based system is a cinch. Although OpenCart is renowned for being user-friendly even for novice users, don’t worry if you are new to eCommerce.

OpenCart has a very sleek and simple Admin Panel user interface. All of your key duties, including managing your products, installing extensions, selecting a new OpenCart template, keeping an eye on sales and customer groups, and even managing marketing campaigns, can be completed from the admin page.

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Customization, payment and shipping integrations, the creation of marketplaces, and dropshipping services are just a few of the many OpenCart development services we provide that make your business strategy multiply and grow more. 

Software Platform

Free Software Platform

Create your online store any way you want because OpenCart is an open-source framework.

Scalable Store


Shared and VPS servers can host the Agile CMS Lightweight platform. Once you've added products, you may start taking orders.

Control Several Storefronts

supports a range of payment services, channels, and methods based on your business needs.

MVC-L structure

A language object is added to the Model-View-Controller-Language framework in OpenCart, an established software architectural pattern.

Utilise readily available extensions

The plugin marketplace offers thousands of pre-made modules.

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Extended web app tech creates OpenCart template design, product administration, payment gateway integration, the addition or removal of products, doorstep integration, installation, OpenCart development, or anything else associated with this eCommerce platform. We offer better and more straightforward solutions for any OpenCart issue. Our OpenCart developers are much more expertise in this field and have rendered services to many well-known e-commerce companies. 

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