Open Source Development

Code that is intended to be publicly accessible is known as open-source software; anybody can view, alter, and distribute the code as they see appropriate. Peer review and community production are used in open-source software’s decentralized, collaborative development. The Extended Web App Tech developers utilize various open-source tools to implement and design the best tools and various IT products. 

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Open Source Development

Open Source Development

The gen-z communal developing solution

When compared to the conventional software engineering cascade model, the open source development model has several distinct advantages that make it, in some cases, a better approach for developing software. By utilizing the awesome features of this open-source, our developers have solved many business and technical issues. Our Extended Web App Tech developers learn, earn, and utilize the benefits of Open Source Development.

Why is open-source a preferred platform for all purposes of web creation?

The versatile nature of Open-source benefits users in numerous ways. The features that make open-source a preferred platform to learn and impose are

Peer review

Open source code is constantly examined over and improved upon by other programmers because the source code is publicly available and the open source community is very active. Instead of a closed-off, stagnant code, it works as a living code.


Without relying on vendor guarantees, open source enables you to examine and monitor precisely what types of data are being transferred or what changes have been made to the code.



The upkeep, maintenance, and operation of proprietary code is the sole responsibility of the creator or entity in charge. Since vibrant open-source communities frequently update open-source code, it outlives the original authors. Open standards and peer regularly and thoroughly test open-source software.


You can utilize open-source code to solve issues specific to your company or community because it strongly emphasises modification. You aren’t forced to use the code in any particular way, and you may rely on peer review and community support when you put innovative solutions into practice.

Open collaboration

The presence of vibrant open-source communities means you can obtain support, information, and viewpoints beyond a single industry or business.

Uplift the advantages of Open-source services from Extended Web App Tech


Analyze Your Company

Using a customer-centric strategy, we comprehend your company, develop quizzes, and discuss novel concepts that expand.

Choose the Proper Platform

Create a requirements model using the appropriate open-source development platform from a range of services, and decide what is fair for long-term objectives.

Design and Individualization

We develop the best design to expand your company and add value before increasing costs.

Individualized Development

We provide 100% customized open-source development services because, as a reputable open-source development company, we recognize the importance of evaluation.

Why choose us for your open-source projects?

From open-source projects, we create and support open-source software. We give back to the endeavours and communities in which we participate. We uphold open-source licenses. We provide our clients with successful open-source tools. We take code created by the community and strengthen its security, add functionality, and make it scalable and enterprise-ready. Then, to help the entire community, we return these enhancements to the initial project. 

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