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Business-to-business (B2B) web design is the development and optimization of a website to increase its visibility on the first page of Google and attract more visitors to produce high-quality leads for companies that offer services or goods to other businesses. 

With a significant year of expertise, Extended Web AppTech is a leading B2B website design company offering B2B web portal development services to businesses worldwide. We provide:

  • Outstanding business solutions to our customers.
  • Keeping their current and upcoming needs in mind.
  • Thanks to our strong technical experience and in-depth domain expertise across numerous industries.
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Requirement of B2B website development

Requirement Of B2B Website Development

B2B website development

The potential tool for business enrichment.

B2B business owners undervalue the power of a website in terms of branding and marketing initiatives. They emphasise offline marketing activities, including networking with potential customers, exhibiting their goods and services at trade shows, and participating in professional gatherings.

This strategy is ineffective today. In contrast to other traditional advertising channels, research reveals that 80% of decision-makers nowadays (including managers and CEOs) rely on online information about a brand. Our team of web designers and developers at Extended Web AppTech creates exceptional B2B Web Portals that are personalized to your unique business needs while keeping in mind your overall corporate branding strategy thanks to their strong technical competence and extensive industry knowledge in a variety of verticals.

How can our B2B developers help you with website design


Optimized Hosting Server

Partner with reputable hosting companies mgt-commerce, Cloudways, AWS, Linode, and Cloudflare; Offer free consulting for the best hosting server option.

Platform Installation

Minimize downtime and give you peace of mind; make sure B2B extensions are compatible.

Advanced B2B Functionality

Join forces with reputable B2B solution providers operating on several platforms, such as Shopify & BigCommerce. Describe each stage of the B2B customer's purchasing process.


Convert an existing website to a B2B marketplace using Marketplace Multi-Vendor modules. This will enable the supplier to handle products, inventory, deliveries, profiles/collection pages, etc.

Why Choose Us?

Compared to traditional consumer-targeted websites, B2B website developers at Extended Web AppTech are aware of the specific requirements of B2B websites. Because of this, our B2B web design strategy follows a different methodology. 

Choose our developers for the best outcome in the marketplace. 

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