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Microsoft created the cross-platform, open-source NET framework. It is used to develop online services and applications that are both form-based and web-based. The .NET developers at Extended Web AppTech provide an end-to-end solution with ASP.NET project accomplishment.

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Microsoft’s ASP.NET is a powerful technology that ultimately benefits your company. ASP.Net is used to create dependable and scalable websites, software, and web applications. It is used in an application development framework to create web apps utilizing several back-end programming languages, such as C#.

We at Extended Web AppTech use contemporary .NET frameworks to deliver our customer’s unique online solutions. Our team builds extranet, intranet, and web applications using the strength of the Microsoft environment. Since our outset, we have been developing the.Net framework. 

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use ASP.NET to create dynamic websites

Our developers use ASP.NET to create dynamic websites, web apps, and services. Microsoft released ASP.NET Core in 2016, whereas ASP.NET operates exclusively on Windows.


It is compatible with Windows, Linux, and macOS, making this open-source framework more widely available to programmers and operating systems.

Wide Range Of Apps

services to build a wide range of apps

Ever since the initial version released in 2002, .NET has developed into a fully functional worldwide ecosystem from a private software development platform. Companies use .NET development services to build a wide range of apps, from web and mobile to microservices and gaming to machine learning and IoT.

company contributors

Approximately 60,000 active Open Source Software (OSS) contributors and 3,700 company contributors make up the sizable global community that supports.NET developers. 

high-efficiency future

The.NET platform anticipates a high-efficiency future thanks to its modular approach to program architecture.

Developmental solutions provided by our ASP.NET developers

Custom .NET application development

Create unique Windows applications that run on various devices. All of our services are built around customized solutions. We provide solutions that are especially created to match the objectives and difficulties of your project.

Distributed Applications

Create a strong, connected network to enhance your team’s collaboration ability. We collaborate with the top ASP.NET programmers to design cutting-edge Microsoft solutions using distributed cloud architectures.

Content Management System

For developing unique Content Management Systems(CMS), ASP.NET is one of the most popular programming languages. Manage your internal and external activities with a special solution to match your requirements.


Our Development and Operations (DevOps) services will increase the openness and flexibility of your operations. We can assist you in redesigning how your team tackles workflow by utilizing the best features of ASP.NET. 

E-commerce platforms

Companies need help to keep up with the growth in eCommerce’s importance. You may build a beautiful and incredibly effective eCommerce platform or advance your present by working with the top ASP.NET developers.

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With a group of highly skilled developers who are much more qualified in their field of work. Our .Net developers conduct a detailed analysis of a business project and then suggest the most robust and sustainable workflow for any business architecture. As a leading company, we provide customized .Net application development services and deliver result-oriented ASP.NET applications. 

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