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An e-commerce application service provider’s payment gateway is a merchant service that permits credit card or direct payment processing for online shops, bricks and clicks, and traditional brick-and-mortar stores. The payment gateway may be offered by a bank to its clients, but it may also be offered separately by a specialised financial service provider, like a payment service provider.
Our payment process has evolved in the e-commerce industry to operate effectively and seamlessly on all platforms. We enjoy combining technology and customer service to address your concerns right away.

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Ways to integrate ERP with an e-commerce platform

Payment Integration
Integrated Payment

Integrated payments, as the name suggests, link the crucial payment processing function to other crucial company software and processes.

It is simpler for a merchant to take payments and combine crucial data when all the systems are interoperable.

A point-of-sale system is improved by an integrated payments solution, which provides new functionality while assisting in the optimization of the built-in features.

Systems for integrated payments provide smooth performance to enhance back-end business operations.

Integrated payment systems can help boost your company's organisational structure by enhancing the functions of specific parts.

Selecting and integrating a payment gateway

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A payment gateway is a service that authorises and processes payments in online and brick-and-mortar stores. It doesn’t matter if you run an eCommerce platform or are just keeping up with your online presence-you want to give your consumers a secure, quick, and simple way to pay. The payment method you use must meet the needs of both your customers and your company. Therefore, it must be secure from fraud, accept a range of payment options, be user-friendly, and work with your platform. A merchant uses a payment gateway to be able to process credit or debit cards and accept electronic payments. The currencies you can accept, the transaction cost, the speed at which funds arrive in your merchant account, and the payment options you’ll provide are all influenced by the payment gateway you choose. 

The benefits of choosing payment integration from our firm

Integrated payments simplify operations, which is the first benefit – A corporation can avoid the time-consuming and error-prone process of manually entering and reconciling transaction data by using an integrated payments solution to automate accounting procedures.

Better customer service is provided through integrated payments-There is a price to keeping customers in line. The majority of shoppers polled claimed they would avoid or leave a store with lengthy checkout lines. In order to complete a transaction manually, there are time-consuming tasks that must be completed. An integrated payments solution helps speed up checkout by removing these tasks. 

The-Benefits Of Choosing Payment Integration

Integrated payments offer a more individualized solution: An integrated payments solution also has the advantage of being able to be tailored to include the functionality a company will require both today and in the future. A solution can be created to track inventory, sales, and deliveries or it can be configured to connect with a CRM system to provide insights into customer purchasing habits. 

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We consider it an honour to act as your dependable financial service provider in the sector as well as for other business-related services. To assist merchants in achieving their objectives for the growth and expansion of the global business market with the aid of our qualified staff. Extended Web AppTech is a completely global payment network that enables merchants to receive payments instantly and securely as well as to withdraw funds in multiple currencies to their business accounts.

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