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nopCommerce is an open-source eCommerce platform built on the ASP.NET Core framework from Microsoft with a backend database that uses MS SQL Server. It offers a catalog interface and a backend administrative tool that enables the nopcommerce development of shopping carts. White labeling, premium support services, and the partnership program all have an optional fee. 

Regardless of the industry, our firm creates custom eCommerce solutions for our client’s businesses using nopCommerce’s high levels of customization. 

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Widely used by Microsoft framework.

nopcommerce Development services at Extended Web AppTech provides all you need for multifaceted growth for your e-commerce firm, including storefront design, analytics, management, and promotions. 

nopCommerce development has a vibrant user and developer community that supports one another, contributes code, plugins, and other extensions, and aids in roadmap planning. Basic features, including order processing, characteristics, plugins, discounts, tier pricing, news, blogs, private messaging, forums, and tax and shipping support, were all included in the initial releases.

Skillsets of our nopCommerce developers

Skillsets Of Our Nopcommerce Developers

The world’s fastest-growing SaaS eCommerce platform is nopCommerce. nopCommerce development is one of the top eCommerce solutions for simultaneously providing B2C and B2B features.

Procedural Features for nopCommerce Development Services


The program has a multi-store capability, allowing customers to keep track of the categories, vendors, goods, prices, orders, and shipping information for shops in several locations.

Users can keep track of payments and taxes for each of their stores.

Marketing management is a feature of nopCommerce development that enables customers to build reward-based loyalty programs based on client spending.

The software also has an upselling feature where customers can specify criteria for suggesting "similar products" to other users.

All sizes of retail organizations can use nopCommerce development, an on-premises e-commerce shopping cart management solution.

It provides features for mobile commerce, multi-store support, vendor administration, marketing, shipping, and payment processing.

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As a NopCommerce development services company, Extended Web AppTech provides specialized and unique e-commerce solutions for companies of all sizes, from start-ups to established corporations. Our team assesses your business goals and the market environment for new web stores or to remodel current shopping carts. We have seen firsthand how nopCommerce development has changed over time thanks to our dedicated NopCommerce developers.

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