Who We Are

Extended Web AppTech LLP is made up of a group of a team that is dedicated to finding solutions for your firm. As a team of mobile application developers, analysists and testers who are enthusiastic about digital technology, we have taken it upon ourselves to ensure that we are aware of each and every detail of the evolution of technology in a way that it will help us help you. Our team is diverse in terms of professionalism and skills. This is reason we are able to deliver services like software and Android development, Search Engine Optimization to web and content development among others. We are your solution for a fast-paced digital technology approach in mobile application software developments, analytics and testing, digital marketing and among other techy solutions.

Our objective is to help you turn your ideas into realities through developing it, nurturing and recording customer feedback in a way that makes your products and services sell better in the larger market.

What We Do

We deliver services that help our clients get the best solutions in strategy, consultation, digital technology as well as operations. As a digital technological firm, we have create partnerships that strives for technological innovation to approach the general approach to the digital world and the way it works. Our experience in over 40 industries and business functions has given us more than enough hands-on expertise to deliver the best results in the ever-evolving technological and digital world. Some of the things we do can be summed up as follows:


Android Development

When it comes to mobile development, no one does it better than Extended Web AppTech LLP. With a portfolio of over 700 successful apps, 100+ mobile application solutions and over 1000 brands we have expanded our services across major platforms. Given these platforms, we are able to engage with clients from different industries and so far, we have created over $2 billion in value for our clients. When it comes to mobile development and application, we are your solution..


IOS Development

If you are thinking of a reliable service provider when it comes to IOS development, then you are in the right place. This is because we have a 700+ top rated apps, 100+ mission-critical mobile solutions and experience in over 1000 brands. We have worked with clients from different platforms and industries who have entrusted us with their needs. And in the term, we are glad to have made our clients a value of over 2$ billion in total.


API Development

Our team of professional and skilled individuals have the required technological skills that are a plus in the API development sector. We are the gurus of prototyping and creating as well as developing the API functionality. We use NodeJS,PHP,.NET, MongoDB and MySQL to come up with the best results.



We are living the age of digital marketing and website development, and no one understands better than we do. SEO is the driving force of all successful website content as it determines googles ability to pick your website as first page top results whenever someone searches for it. Our skills, experience and professionalism give us the ability to help you rank your website high using our best of SEO skills.


React Native Development

React Native is the future of mobile application development industry. We do mobile application development and software where we build native mobile applications using JavaScript and React. Our developers are well versed in the use of the JavaScript technology to bring you native apps for both IOS and android phones. The product is easy to navigate by the user, high class performance with a touch of aesthetic appeal.


Web Development

When you want a fully functional website that displays your business the way you want it to be as it remains easy to operate and maneuver, then you need professionals who understand the art. Our team of HTML5 app developers are on the forefront with this. Using the collecting knowledge, experience and tools, they continue to develop websites that are just what you need.



Do you own a WordPress page? Well, our team will come in handy and help you develop website CMS and eCommerce websites. We are also able to convert your blog or WordPress site into a mobile app for Android and iPhone native app and mobile site; all in one. For all the business owners, it will be easy to do a follow up with our WooCommerce and BuddyPress.



Our wearables are effective in multiplying your productivity gains and maximizing cost optimization in the business world. We take your business process to the next level with our customer-facing wearables that are functional in all business and industries. We also build the necessary applications for the wearables, design solutions that access other hardware, create an integration with smart clothes as well as develop sensors with a wider range adding more power to your mobility. This is how you take your business to the next level.


Cross Platform

With the development of the cross-platform apps, you will be able to find a common ground between security and reliability of the native apps and the reach of the web in a way that creates a multi-platform experience for all your users. This is where you need our HTML5 developers with the prowess in app development and expertise in tools development like PhoneGap and Sencha to ensure you get value and success in your business. We are able to help you reach a fine balance of delivering native results on one hand, and on the other retaining cost advantage and the maximum reach of the technology. Our cross-platform solution comes with increased productivity, cost-efficient optimization and increased profits.