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Our impeccable team is a pillar of the strong foundation that solidifies your ideas into concrete concepts that make the digital world more accessible.

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who we are

Your idea, Our execution is our only mission. The tech-savvy world requires experts who turn ideas into reality and ambition into a mission; that's where our role-play begins.

We help our clients build on their dreams with concrete concepts. Extended Web AppTech was established to ensure that individuals and firms have reliable solution providers in the web technology and digital domain.

our values

Strive to deliver the catalyst solutions to accelerate your business to the next level.

Extended Web AppTech's core values are understanding customer expectations and being sincere and honest with our customers.

Our Value 1


We are passionate about the highest quality standards, always promoting meritocracy.

Value 2


We are bold and agile to courageously take up challenges to provide innovative solutions to digital world problems.

Collaborative Mindset

We will invest in our people and partners, enable continuous learning, and build caring and collaborative relationships based on trust and mutual respect.

our services

What do we do?

We offer services that assist in finding the best solutions for our clients regarding strategy, consultancy, digital technology, and operations. As a company that develops digital technologies, we have formed collaborations with organizations that pursue technical innovation as a broad strategy for approaching the digital world and how it functions. We have more than enough practical knowledge from working in more than 40 different company functions and sectors to offer the finest outcomes in the rapidly changing technical and digital environment.

Android Development

Nobody does it better than Extended Web AppTech in Android development. We have broadened our services across crucial platforms and have a portfolio of more than 700 successful applications, 100+ Android application solutions, and more than 1000 brands. These platforms allow us to interact with clients from various sectors, and we have added more than $2 billion in value for our clients. We are your go-to resource for Android application development.

iOS Development

You are at the right place if you're looking for a reputable service provider for IOS development. This is due to our expertise in working with more than 1000 businesses, our 700+ top-rated applications, and our 100+ mission-critical mobile solutions. Extended Web AppTech has worked with clients that came to us with demands from various platforms and sectors. In the long run, we are happy to have given our clients a total value of over $2 billion.

API Development

Our qualified experts have the necessary technological know-how advantageous in the API development industry. We are experts at designing, creating, and developing API functionality. We use NodeJS, PHP,.NET, MongoDB, and MySQL to get the finest results.


Nobody knows the age of digital marketing and website creation better than we do because we are experiencing it. All effective website content is driven by SEO since it affects how often Google will select your website for inclusion on the first page of results. Thanks to our expertise, professionalism, and talents, we can help you rank your website highly, utilizing the most fantastic SEO techniques.

React Native Development

React Native will dominate the creation of mobile applications in the future. We create native mobile applications utilizing JavaScript and React while developing mobile software. Our programmers are skilled in using JavaScript technology and can provide you with native apps for Android and iOS mobile devices. The consumer may easily browse the product and appreciate its high-caliber performance and visual appeal.

Web Development

You need experts in the field if you want a fully working website that accurately represents your company while being simple to use and navigate. Our HTML5 app development team is at the forefront of this. They keep creating precisely what you need websites by using the information, expertise, and tools they are accumulating.


Own a WordPress page yourself? Our experts can help you create CMS and eCommerce websites, so take advantage of it. Additionally, we can turn your blog or WordPress website into a combined native app and mobile site for Android and iPhone. With our WooCommerce and BuddyPress integrations, it will be simple for all company owners to do a follow-up.

Wearable Technology

Our wearables are successful at optimizing cost efficiency and doubling productivity benefits in the workplace. Our customer-facing wearables, which work across all businesses and sectors, elevate your business process. Additionally, we design solutions that access additional hardware, integrate with smart clothing, produce sensors with a broader range to increase the power of your mobility, and construct essential apps for wearables. You advance your company to the next level in this way.

Cross-Platform Creation

You need experts in the field if you want a fully working website that accurately represents your company while being simple to use and navigate. Our HTML5 app development team is at the forefront of this. They keep creating exactly what you need websites by using the information, expertise, and tools they are accumulating.

Our Approach to the projects

Product & Market Strategy


With the capability of building ‘Multi-Million Dollar Enterprise,’ we shape your product reach globally with our expert consulting.

Ux Design


We create next-generation user-centric UI/UX leading to elevation of revenue in your business.



We give life to your idea, getting it ready to live bold in the real world.

Product Development


Getting the product developed isn’t enough, so get it done in such a way that no competitor ever dares to compete with you.

QA &

We fix bugs, and test your product rigorously how it behave in the real environment.


With all the knowledge of your product, we will take care of it as it is ours baby.


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