Top 6 Flutter Mobile Application Development Companies India


As businesses realize the need for cross-platform mobile apps, demand for Flutter development services is growing. Flutter allows building high-performance iOS and Android apps with a single codebase. 

This article looks into the top Flutter mobile app development companies in Hyderabad, India that provide expert services for building visually appealing, fast, and native-like mobile apps with Flutter framework to companies across domains.

Extended Web AppTech

With over 10 years excelling as a top flutter mobile app development company, Extended Web AppTech boasts 700+ successful app launches across 40+ industries. 

Their expertise spans the entire product development lifecycle – from translating innovative ideas into user-centric designs to flawless cross-platform implementations across Android, iOS and web to achieve client’s unique business objectives.

Extended Web AppTech’s flutter proficiency stems from a passion for staying atop the latest advances in mobile technology while accumulating best practices across iterations of apps for startups, enterprises and technology disruptors alike. 

Their motto “Ace IT Solutions” rings true when you experience their knack for understanding nuanced needs and delivering reliable flutter apps within timeline and budget requirements. 

As an economical choice for acclaimed brands seeking niche functionality or scale ready solutions global organizations rely on, Extended Web AppTech makes flutter app development dreams an accessible reality. Their 700+ project history highlights client success is their North Star.


Since its inception in 2016, Appinventiv has rapidly scaled to become a globally recognized flutter app development company and trusted tech solutions partner focused on enabling business transformation through digital pathways. 

As a leading flutter app development company in India, they hold unmatched expertise covering the complete app lifecycle – from crafting bespoke digital strategies and stellar UX design to agile Flutter development and continuous deployment.

Centered around a “Mobility First” approach for innovating new engagement models and customer experiences via mobile touchpoints, Appinventiv has successfully delivered over 1000+ inventive apps leveraging Flutter to solve complex business objectives. 

Their specialty as a mobile app development company lies in harnessing Flutter’s cross-platform capabilities for building secure, high performing iOS and Android apps simultaneously that feel indistinguishable from natively coded alternatives. 

Appinventiv’s talented flutter mobile app development teams seamlessly upgrade legacy platforms and integrate continued mobile CI/CD enhancements providing future-ready solutions.


Incorporated in 2009, Openxcell has spent over a decade scaling established processes and skillsets to be regarded among the cream of the crop for flutter app development companies based on their track record of successful project delivery. 

Their team of 450+ Flutter developers spread across technology hubs provides full spectrum software development lifecycle support from designing digital roadmaps to post-launch enhancement. 

As a leading flutter mobile app development company, Openxcell has delivered over 2000 mobile app projects specializing in both consumer and enterprise solutions across industries like FinTech, Healthcare, Media and Travel. 

Central to their engagement strategy includes deep-rooted Flutter expertise combined with broader technology consultation on topics like scalability planning, security protocols, hosting strategies and architecture reviews ensuring rescind programs start off right. 

Co-located developer pair teams help infuse built-in code reviews and optimal team collaboration practices from the start. Their iterative communication processes and transparent task tracking using modern project software keeps clients fully involved minimizing surprises. 

iPrism Technologies

Since its founding in 2012, iPrism Technologies has honed an expertise in delivering custom web and mobile solutions for global clientele across industries like Healthcare, Finance, Government, and Telecom. 

Headquartered in Hyderabad with delivery centers across India, iPrism has assembled a talented team of 250+ IT professionals focused on emerging technologies like Flutter.

As a reliable flutter app development company, iPrism combines deep Flutter expertise with user-centric design thinking and proven agile methodologies for crafting high performance iOS and Android apps. 

iPrism’s portfolio features 120+ apps built using Flutter which provide real-time monitoring, robust security protocols, automated notifications, and seamless CMS integration tailored to diverse operational needs. 

The Flutter mobile app development teams dish out minimalist yet polished UIs aligned to modern mobile interface guidelines for usability. Collaborative workshops allow translating business ideas into features models which help align user flow expectations upfront.

As an established mobile app development company since the early 2000s, iPrism Technologies leverages industry best practices around version control, code reviews, automated testing and CI/CD pipelines for ensured reliability across active Flutter mobile projects.

HCL Technologies

Among India’s leading IT enterprises, HCL Technologies brings global system integration expertise spanning ideation to execution for enabling client’s digital aspirations using Flutter’s potential. 

Their specialized Flutter teams deliver business aligned mobility solutions covering UX design, prototyping, app development, systems integration, security hardening and deployment support. 

HCL’s structured approach commences by identifying targeted end user journeys before tailoring experiences positioned for adoption across varying employee or customer roles. Architecting for scale, security and role based personalization requirements from the ground up ensures optimal mobile app performance. 

Access to Enterprise DevOps enhances collaboration between their flutter app developers, quality engineers and infrastructure teams for addressing defects rapidly against client custom workflows.

Their Flutter Center of Excellence actively contributes to the Flutter community while internally seeding best practices across client accounts. 

With a global talent base, HCL manages key portions of the software lifecycle like quality assurance, upgrades and L2/L3 support through managed services models alleviating resourcing concerns.

Tvisha Technologies

Tvisha Technologies excels as a leading flutter app development company renowned for delivering secure, scalable and high performing mobile solutions for global brands. With a 250+ strong team, they accelerate ideas to app store deployment leveraging Flutter’s game changing potential for compiling to native code. 

The breadth of their expertise as a mobile app development company covers the spectrum – from product ideation and design sprints to development, QA automation and maintenance. 

As a flutter mobile app development company, Tvisha utilises Flutter’s hot reload capabilities for rapid iteration and suited tech integrations targeting web, mobile, desktop or embedded devices from one code base. Access to in-house UI/UX professionals guarantees polished and coherent branding compliant to guidelines. 

With 80% clients derived from North America and Europe, Tvisha leverages robust infrastructure for security, IP protection and high availability SLAs vital for global delivery. 

ISO certifications validating process maturity combined with their strong track record across industries positions Tvisha as a safe choice for flutter app development needs from prototype to launch and beyond.

To Sum Up

Hyderabad, India boasts a robust ecosystem of top Flutter mobile application development companies, each showcasing expertise across the entire spectrum of Flutter app development. 

From Extended Web AppTech’s commitment to delivering reliable solutions within budget and timeline constraints to Tvisha Technologies’ focus on secure, scalable, and high-performing mobile solutions, these companies collectively demonstrate the city’s prowess in catering to diverse client needs.

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