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As SaaS products transform how organizations operate, Indian companies have taken the lead in providing innovative development services globally. This article reviews India’s top SaaS product companies recognized for their expertise in designing, building and deploying custom cloud-based solutions across domains. 

With robust teams adept at the latest technologies, these leading SaaS development companies in India craft scalable and secure enterprise SaaS applications catering to diverse business needs.

Extended Web AppTech

Extended Web AppTech has carved a niche for itself as one of India’s most reliable SaaS product development companies. With extensive expertise in custom mobile app development, particularly on Android platforms, Extended Web AppTech has a robust portfolio spanning diverse domains and use cases. 

As a SaaS development company, Extended Web AppTech adheres to robust software development methodologies aimed at rapid prototyping and deployment when it comes to designing innovative SaaS products. Their development process involves working closely with clients to deeply understand business objectives and end-user needs prior to solution design. 

Equipped with rich experience in migrating legacy systems to cloud-based environments, the company also excels at re-architecting products for optimal SaaS delivery. 

The SaaS development team drives the entire product lifecycle – from conceptualizing features tailored to the client’s domain to seamless deployment on secure cloud infrastructure. 

Post-launch, Extended Web AppTech provides comprehensive SaaS application management including regular updates, optimizations, scalability improvements and rigorous security protocols. 

With a customer-centric approach focused on measurable business outcomes, Extended Web AppTech enables organizations to unlock operational efficiencies and gain competitive advantages through custom SaaS solutions. 

Their portfolio of on-demand applications across mobile and web platforms demonstrates deep technological expertise combined with sound business perspective.

Zoho Corporation

Zoho Corporation has emerged as one of the most prominent global software-as-a-service (SaaS) providers with over 60 business apps under its umbrella today. Their expansive range of web-based productivity and collaboration tools for finance, HR, customer relationship management (CRM), analytics and IT management empower organizations to streamline cross-department workflows. 

Recognized for its user-friendly interfaces and affordable pricing, Zoho’s SaaS solutions require no IT support for the implementation or later.

Zoho prioritizes vertical integration across the technology stack to control quality – from application software to middleware, databases, storage, servers, and networks. By managing infrastructure end-to-end rather than outsourcing components, they control the development lifecycle and user experience. 

This has fueled Zoho’s innovation-focused culture and rapid growth. Over 60 million users across 180+ countries rely on Zoho’s suite of business applications to fuel productivity, insights and competitive advantages regardless of size or industry.


Freshworks has cemented itself among pioneering SaaS product development companies for their suite of world-class, affordably priced customer and employee engagement solutions. 

Their intuitive, easily scalable products enable over 52,000 businesses in 120+ countries to better connect with customers and internal teams. Solutions span customer support software, IT service management software, marketing automation platforms and employee engagement software.  

With the mission to make business software accessible to companies of all sizes, Freshworks fosters a culture of innovation focused on delightful user experiences across devices. 

Leveraging emerging technologies like AI/ML, omnichannel capabilities and app integrations, their SaaS platforms deliver actionable insights alongside automated workflows to boost team productivity and customer satisfaction. 

For high-growth startups and large enterprises alike, Freshworks provides the tools to nurture more productive relationships with employees and customers.


Druva pioneered the cloud data protection and management industry with the vision to deliver data resilience via simplified, secure solutions. Their unified SaaS platform leverages proprietary cloud architecture to help global enterprises backup, protect and manage business critical data. 

With data integrity growing crucial, over 4,000 enterprise customers now rely on Druva’s cost-effective and scalable platform that eliminates complexities around safeguarding data. 

Unlike traditional solutions locked into legacy hardware and software constraints, Druva’s cloud-native SaaS approach allows infinite scalability. Customers can set policies to protect diverse data types across edges, core and clouds onto a single pane-of-glass interface. 

Druva enables seamless data security with capabilities like automated backups, 360-degree ransomware protection, ironclad disaster recovery and centralized governance. As a true SaaS platform built ground-up exclusively for the cloud, Druva leads next-generation data protection completely optimized for the cloud era.


Icertis is recognized as an innovator in enterprise contract lifecycle management across the globe. Its pioneering intelligence-driven SaaS platform enables organizations to structure, track and analyze contracts onto a unified system for accelerated business outcomes. 

Built natively for the cloud leveraging latest advances like AI and blockchain, the Icertis Contract Intelligence (ICI) platform transforms legacy contract processes via automated workflows. Customers gain enterprise-wide transparency across supplier agreements to mitigate risk, enhance compliance, and optimize spend. 

With an intuitive interface across desktop and mobile, the ICI platform seamlessly integrates with enterprise software like CRMs and ERPs for a centralized view of contract obligations impacting sales, procurement, finance and more.  

Its AI-based capabilities drive insights from legacy contracts while structuring new agreements with optimal terms. With innovative use of emerging technology, Icertis allows businesses to achieve contractual integrity and operational efficiency. 

Over 750 of the world’s most respected brands and disruptive innovators rely on Icertis’ legally binding SaaS solutions to digitally transform contract processes for competitive advantage across markets and geographies.


Chargebee has established itself as a pioneer in the subscription billing and revenue management space worldwide. Its sophisticated SaaS-based solutions enable subscription-based businesses to optimize recurring billing, complex pricing models, subscription metrics tracking, revenue recognition and compliance adherence onto a single seamless interface.  

With the vision to empower high-growth, fast-adapting businesses with billing infrastructure built for scale, Chargebee’s intelligent backend tools are designed for modern business models. 

Customers gain access to their financial KPI dashboard, reports for data-backed decisions and flexible billing tailored for evolving needs – all backed by bank-grade security. 

Over 4500 internet economy pacesetters across diverse models – SaaS, eCommerce marketplaces, IoT, Publications – now rely on Chargebee to manage subscriptions smarter. Headquartered currently in the Silicon Valley, Chargebee’s solutions are rapidly gaining global traction.

To Sum Up

India has emerged as a global hub for SaaS product development companies, led by world-class companies offering innovative solutions catering to diverse business needs. 

As organizations of all sizes realize the efficiencies of cloud-based software for enhanced productivity and insights, there is tremendous potential for continued innovation and leadership from Indian SaaS companies. 

With domain expertise across verticals, customer-centric approaches and rapidly evolving capabilities leveraging next-gen technologies like AI, companies featured here position India as an ideal destination for cutting-edge SaaS products with global applicability.

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