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Travel technology automates bookings, payments, and back-office tasks for travel agencies while allowing consumers to book online without using a travel agent. Travel technology is the application of information technology in the travel, tourism, and hospitality industries. It uses IT and e-commerce solutions in tourism, travel, and hospitality to automate travel, save time, lower costs, and provide consumers with a seamless travel experience before, during, and after a trip. We at Extended Web AppTech, thrive on generating the best feasible output that will help enrich the travelling experience and enhance the tourism sector. 

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How can developers at our firm help with travel?



Our user experience strategy is founded on thoroughly comprehending consumers’ objectives and the channels and devices they use to connect with your solution. To provide seamless experiences for customers and employees, we assist travel firms in customizing their products for settings such as mobile, desktop, voice, chat-driven, and even VR/AR.

Exceptional team

We encourage your collaboration with designers, business analysts, engineers, and data scientists with task-specific and industry-specific knowledge in the travel sector during all phases of development. We fill the gap between the technological vision and the business vision.


Leveraging Data

Coherent data utilization nowadays is essential for the success of any travel firm. We design decision-support systems that enable predictive disruption management, staff and inventory operations, and an in-depth understanding of customer needs by cross-integrating architectures with multiple data streams.

Travel portals for B2C and B2B customers

We offer a booking engine-based B2C travel site. Our B2C online booking system offers the right resources to make the booking process easier and quicker for businesses and end users. The portal enables collaboration between tour operators, travel agencies, and web portals with their B2B suppliers, partners, and customers.

Assimilation of social media

As users spend more time on social media platforms, we assist companies in “socializing” their marketing initiatives and content to increase consumer engagement. We enable our clients to undertake competition awareness and analysis in addition to offering effective avenues of communication for marketers and consumers.

What role does travel technology play in the travel and tourism industry?

Travel technology automates travel processes for travel agencies and tour operators, such as bookings, itineraries, payments, and customized packages, to increase operational efficiency, reduce costs, and improve customer experience. It is also an online travel system because it manages trip plans, reservations, suppliers, inventory, and travel products such as hotels, flights, tours, and activities for travel agents and tour operators to automate sales and increase bookings.

Developers at Extended Web AppTech have hands-on experience building and implementing the most trending technologies to build the most robust platform that eases and sways the travel tension. 

How can our firm be an asset to you?


Systems for reservations and booking

To offer a personalized booking experience, integrate and effectively obtain data from GDS, private vendors, and aggregators.


Arrangements for Travel Management

Utilizing an intuitive user interface that manages business and leisure travellers while responding quickly and efficiently to any disturbances.

Custom Software

Custom Software for Management of Airline Operations

Adopt custom ERP, CRM, and accounting systems to enable comprehensive crew and fleet administration in your airlines. Custom Software for Airline Operations Management.

Experience with Digital Customers

Increase direct bookings and support your marketing-driven travel company with a user experience focused on the customer's needs.

Artificial Intelligence in Travel and Hospitality

Enlist data science professionals who fully exploit your data's potential to gain insight into your customers and develop AI-driven solutions.

Why Extended Web AppTech?

Extended Web AppTech provides travel tech consulting services about various travel and technology-related topics, including distribution, operations, digital transformation, sales, and marketing. We have decades of experience providing IT consulting and software development services to clients in the travel industry. 

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