Software for Transportation

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Fleet managers, providers of urban mobility solutions, and transportation sector businesses can all benefit from the assistance of Extended Web AppTech, a firm that develops transportation software. You may optimize delivery routes, reduce fleet running costs, reduce traffic congestion, and improve the urban experience for citizens by relying on our transportation industry management software development services. We aim to develop transportation solutions that address your operational issues with fleet effectiveness, traffic management, and urban infrastructure.

Software For Transportation

How The integration Of Technology With Transportation Will Bring In Changes

Integration Of Technology
Effectively Managed

To effectively manage resources, use fleet management and telematics to collect, analyze, and visualize all data about vehicle whereabouts, driver behavior, engine diagnostics, and environmental conditions.

Traffic Modeling

Use traffic modeling tools, recognition systems, and data fusion technology to analyze traffic instantaneously, spot traffic accidents, and keep tabs on pedestrian activity.

Geofencing, GPS tracking, turn-by-turn routing, and offline mapping support different forms of Transportation, mobility planning tools, and delivery services.

Urban mobility: By using practical parking management, urban planning, multimodal Transportation, carsharing, and ride-hailing services, cities can better serve people's needs.


Implement asset tracking strategies using IoT sensors, GPS, RFID, QR codes, and beacons to track, monitor, and preserve the visibility of priceless stock, shipments, and containers.

Road infrastructure: Implement toll management systems, smart city planning tools, and automated license plate recognition technologies to digitalize transportation sector services quickly.

Weaving Technical Ecosystem With Transport Software

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Extended Web AppTech assists in creating cross-domain transportation software solutions for transportation sectors, mobility services, and geospatial data suppliers. As a company that develops transportation software, we use our extensive experience in location services, data analytics, platform integration, and the development of transportation industry management applications to enhance the general customer experience, allocate resources wisely, and expand your company steadily. We will construct a complete ecosystem of technologies, processes, and methods around your transport software solutions to digitalize your entire supply chain and electric support mobility and help you transition to sustainable operations.

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Our primary goal is to increase our clients’ and engineers’ technological knowledge and proficiency. To help you succeed in intense competition, we focus on the specialized transportation industry knowledge we can impart. The difficulties you face in running your company and those of your users will be addressed personally. 

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