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Photoshop’s native file is called PSD. This file contains the original versions of all the photos and images created by the Photoshop process. It creates high-quality static images that can later be developed into websites.

Turning Photoshop photos into Magento files is known as PSD to Magento conversion. The design, “feel,” and quality of an online store are all improved through this procedure, which creates virtual “stores” for e-commerce clients who choose to use the Magento Enterprise program.

The Extended Web AppTech is a renowned PSD to Magneto development company that has been serving the industry for a long time. We offer the best PSD to Magneto services with a full-fledged solutions-oriented result. 

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Provide quality features when converting PSD designs into responsive Magento themes. The design of your website will be the same across all platforms. Design your website with SEO to maximize it and improve its Google ranking. Write code that is feasible and readable, expandable, and compliant. Websites easily adapt to your needs, and many languages are supported.

Advantages of using the PSD to Magneto conversion development

Websites Of Higher Quality

Websites of Higher Quality

A website created using a PSD to Magento conversion is of higher quality than one created using Photoshop or Magento. It enhances a website’s quality, appearance, and “feel” and enables a talented developer to provide a user experience similar to that of a physical store.

Catalog Management

You may leverage Google connectivity, batch import and export of products, digital and downloadable product photos, and advanced inventory management with the Catalog Management PSD to Magento solution.

Catalog Management
Single Page Checkout

Single page checkout

Your clients won’t need to create accounts thanks to the functionality of single page checkout. Magento Integration Services offer SSL support and one-page checkout functionality without creating an account.

Single-console management

Using the same Administration Panel, you can manage several websites or shops.

Greater Visibility

By connecting your online store to numerous social media platforms through PSD to Magento theme conversion, we can increase your visibility and assist with “branding.”

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