Government And Public Sector

An interdependent relationship.

Government sectors worldwide deal with complicated issues and are continuously challenged to provide public sector services as effectively as possible while working with limited resources. The COVID-19 epidemic has made things more difficult for governments since it has made it more important than ever to help both people and companies.

At Extended Web AppTech, we use our diversified human resources to find solutions to significant issues affecting society and the government industry. We at Extended Web Apptech assist governments in implementing digital technology to create new ways of working to achieve better outcomes for citizens and experiences for Government sector employees.

How do the Government and Public Sector services help the general public

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation and Strategy

We assist businesses in thriving in the transformative age by constantly refreshing themselves, experimenting with new ideas, and scaling successes.

Services for analytics consulting

We can assist you in applying intelligence in your organization to grow, protect, and optimize your business by leveraging cutting-edge technologies.

Digital Governance

Using data and technology to help governments deliver efficient public services that meet citizens' expectations is a top priority for all governments. Our teams advise public sector clients on a wide range of digital projects, from minor enhancements to large-scale transformations.


Economic and Threat Analysis of Business Relationships (BRETA)

Prepare for tomorrow's threats with data available today and assistance from BRETA. Our experts are much well-known for this. Take assistance and move forward.

Services for International Development

Our international development professionals can assist you with your development projects to achieve the best possible results for your organization.

Social and human services

With the assistance of Extended Web apptech's human services professionals, you can improve how you deliver critical social care and achieve outcomes for the vulnerable.

Government and Public sector

The liable assets of the future.

The global epidemic and its resulting disruption to our way of life have increased demand, and government industries worldwide are working hard to provide it. The increased demand for services has put further strain on departments already battling productivity and customer experience gaps compared to the private sector.

In addition, Government sectors are turning to hybrid work to compete for talent. Customer experiences are limited by antiquated technology, procedural and technological barriers across agencies, and in-person, paper-based processes. Multi-step sequential processes that take employees a long time to complete slow down results.

With a common data model, pre-packaged low-code workflows, and experiences designed specifically for the government industry, Extended Web AppTech speeds digital transformation while increasing experiences and efficiencies.

How can Extended Web AppTech as a firm raise a helping hand to you?

Encourage Mission

Encourage mission-driven innovation

By utilizing the government data model and low-code tools, we focus on going beyond the supplied government case type(s) and developing our workflows. Non-IT developers can quickly modify properties or set up business rules to suit certain requirements.

Encourage hybrid work

For government workers, having improved tools at work and the flexibility to work from anywhere is a winning mix. Along with the UI, which provides individualized, context-driven information and resources that reduce clicks, Extended Web Apptech has the features the public sector needs to secure data security in a cloud services environment.

Hybrid Work

Faster transition to digital

Implement a packaged playbook designed specifically for automating and digitizing non-emergency public services.

Swiftly provide services- Direct government employees to consistently and quickly complete service requests and keep an eye on the development of middle office teams.

Enhanced customer experience

Enhance the client experience by making it simple for customers to request services and follow up on them.

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Extended Web AppTech provides a range of services that helps in quenching all your requirements in the government sector, private sector and also the public sector. With a team of experts in the same field holding the expertise to guide you with all your requirements. 

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