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EdTech industry solutions can assist your institute in implementing technology and meeting its Information Technology objectives professionally, effectively, and cost-effectively. This approach aims to customize learning based on a learner’s strengths, skills, and interests. At Extended Web AppTech, we have extensive experience in the digital education industry and can assist you in creating a personalized learning experience for each student.

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The uniqueness of EdTech

Create & Design

Create and design

The instructional design professionals collaborate with clients to create design specifications and storyboard e-learning. Aside from that, we develop learning strategies centred on providing real-life scenarios, fostering experiential learning, and remaining relevant to learners' needs, roles, and responsibilities.


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An Icon for Study Assistance - EdTech Market Solutions. Extending study aid at Extended Web AppTech goes beyond simply creating and developing e-Learning courses to provide study support services throughout the student's educational journey to prepare and assist learners in better understanding concepts and enjoying the learning process.


Transforming your Digital Content

Extended Web AppTech collaborates with clients throughout the strategic, creative, and implementation processes to ensure that the learning content meets today's evolving standards. Our comprehensive solutions can take your eLearning programmes to new heights.


Extended Web AppTech is a global provider of educational accessibility solutions. With the assistance of our accessibility experts and the use of technologies such as AI and ML, we provide a wide range of accessibility services such as consulting, auditing, remediation, alt-text and audio description.


Extended Web AppTech enables you to quickly customize your education content, including audio/video, enhancing customer satisfaction and helping you to explore new markets and add value to existing content.



Frost Explore ensures that all educational content standards are aligned, regardless of the learning model - remote, in-person, or hybrid - provides course customization capabilities through content collections and allows students to share resources at any time.

Frost Insights

Frost Insights is a simple monitoring tool, offering complete visibility of individual journeys, thus allowing institutes to dynamically stay on top of learners' performance and implement better ways to cope, if necessary.

Artificial Intelligence

Extended Web AppTech collaborates with educational publishers to provide AI-powered education models such as the pedagogical, domain, and learner models. We leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) for - improving writing and reading skills (by using Natural Language Processing (NLP)), alt-text prediction, and finding keywords and concepts quickly with a smart skimmer.

EdTech- reshaping the educational sector

Although the EdTech industry is still in its infancy, it already offers promise as a way to adapt a curriculum to a student’s level of proficiency by delivering and reinforcing new material at a speed the student can handle. While technology has completely changed how education is delivered, much of this impact was first limited to asynchronous learning models. To better learning, synchronous learning models are now integrating disruptive technology, which is changing this. The EdTech sector is ready to improve educational quality by implementing new learning models and delivery strategies while utilizing advanced analytics, live streaming, and AR-VR. Building partnerships across and within sectors, we help coalitions of organisations come together to develop and deliver a shared vision of success for learning outcomes for all.

Our EdTech-Centric Solutions

Technology holds great promise for all types of school systems, enabling personalised learning, saving teachers time, and providing students with the skills they need to succeed. We understand the power of technology to support educational systems and outcomes worldwide, and we collaborate closely with those who are investing in, innovating with, and delivering on its promise.

Personalized Learning

Personalized learning

Aligning with the needs and aspirations of learners is essential. Personalization, on the other hand, not only allows students to learn in any discipline but also allows them to choose how they want to learn. 

Social learning

Social learning augments another feather to human communication and group interactions. Collaborative learning becomes more efficient with digital forums, class-wide chat rooms, and open file-sharing and access platforms. Social learning is a bridge to seamless online communication and support from anywhere – and has roots in curriculums worldwide.

Social Learning


Breaking down large-scale educational projects into smaller modules can motivate and engage students while also increasing their success rate. Students can be fed these information modules through video lectures, text, or interactive assignments.

Hi-Ed learning

We help academic institutions prepare students to thrive in a competitive world as one of the world’s leading providers of higher education content, tools, and services. Our higher education solutions are intended for academic institutions and universities to improve the on-campus learning experience and provide advanced facilities to support flexible, collaborative, and engaging learning.

HiEd Learning
Corporate Learning

Corporate learning

Without a doubt, effective employee learning and development programmes are essential in today’s business world. Extended Web AppTech’s corporate learning solutions provide insights that spark curiosity and ideas that shed new light on today’s business challenges for your employees.

Why Should You Hire Developers from Extended Web AppTech?

We aim to change the way educational content is delivered and consumed! Our Extended Web AppTech EdTech sector in India service-providing team is here to assist. We recognize and evaluate investment possibilities for enhanced outcomes and outcomes that lead to educational improvement using our extensive knowledge of education and investing. Using our understanding of how to effect change in complex organisations, we collaborate with management teams and boards to improve and accelerate performance while also building organisational capacity. Contact us immediately to learn more about how we can help you redesign the educational system.

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