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Custom PHP technology is used to build a stable server-side connection. As a general-purpose scripting language, PHP delivers the most efficient web solutions. PHP developers at Extended Web App Tech provide the best in-hand solutions for all your web requirements. 

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For web development, PHP is the most widely used option. Open Source software for servers is called PHP. Due to its open-source nature, it allows downloading additional scripts from different websites. The services the Extended Web App Tech provided in PHP have been phenomenal since the beginning. With a team of experienced PHP developers, our developers have rendered services and led many organizational projects with our customizable websites, apps, and portals that helped these businesses scale faster. 

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Experience the best in-hand PHP solution and services the Extended Web App Tech provides. The following services are made available for all your PHP requirements

Web Development

To meet the requirements of the customers and clients, the most intuitive application of PHP is made by our developers. We provide full-spectrum development services for cutting-edge B2B, B2C, and B2B2C solutions, such as custom websites and apps, enterprise CMS (WordPress, Drupal), and compelling digital experience platforms, using the best PHP frameworks.

E-commerce Development

Specifications like load time, seamless scrolling, and memory management may make or break your client experience in the cutthroat world of eCommerce. You can rely on our qualified PHP programming team for better and furnished outcomes. The developers have in-depth knowledge of building feature-rich, high-performance web stores using the most updated version of the PHP and other tools.

Upgraded services through PHP

PHP is the web development industry’s richest environment, which offers countless options to modernize and enhance venerable products and platforms. Our professional PHP development services include everything you need to advance your application. And to make sure your apps are performing at their best, we also offer advanced testing.

Why choose Custom PHP Development?

When selecting the best robust service for your website, switch to PHP to get the best outcomes for your web. The best user experience that is provided by Custom PHP development is-

Improved client experiences

Building a mobile-responsive website is simple with PHP, HMTL5, and CSS3. PHP-based interactives are highly valued for various purposes, including gathering consumers’ email addresses, forcing them to navigate the pages, or making a purchase.

Websites built in PHP are better for SEO

A website built with unique PHP coding may be ideal for SEO and Meta-tagging. Custom PHP becomes crucial when there is a heavy reliance on digital media to generate incoming traffic and evaluate the data. Even a unique landing page to collect leads can be made with PHP. Websites built using PHP provide greater product highlights.

PHP framework has robust built-in functions

With PHP coding, overcoming challenging jobs and obtaining rapid outcomes are pretty easy. It is free to use the PHP framework.

Centralized Database

MySQL creates a robust database when integrated with PHP. LAMP is a specification that many reliable shared and dedicated hosting servers have: Ubuntu, Apache, MySQL, and PHP.

Frequently Updated Versions

With the availability of many version update methods, PHP acts as a prevention against harmful assaults while also introducing new, developer-friendly features with each release.

Why hire Custom PHP developers from us?

You may simplify your business algorithm using our PHP team’s professional support and maintenance services. With proactive troubleshooting, we maintain your website or application’s quick, secure, and seamless operation. Skilled PHP developers at Extended Web App Tech help maintain the competitive edge and market advantage, 

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